Yamaha NMAX Malaysia Review: Top Speed ​​and Specs

Calling all Malaysian city dwellers and weekend adventurers, the Yamaha NMAX is a popular 155cc scooter that promises both urban comfort and adventurous potential.

But is it the right vehicle for you?

Looking for Yamaha NMAX reviews?

In this Yamaha NMAX review, we’ll go into detail about its price in Malaysia, top speed, features and who should be cruising around on this versatile scooter.

Yamaha NMAX Price and Monthly Payment Malaysia:

  • down payment: The minimum down payment is RM 1,900NMAX monthly installment payment RM 98 Over the loan period 84 months.
  • Loan Term: Yamaha NMAX rental period 84 months.
  • Loan interest rate: This will vary depending on the lender, your credit score, and the term of the loan, so expect an interest rate between 2% and 6% per year.

Yamaha NMAX top speed

The Yamaha NMAX’s top speed is estimated to be around 120-130 km/h (75-81 mph), depending on road conditions, rider weight, wind resistance, and other factors.

Yamaha NMAX specifications and features


  • engine: The compact and efficient 155cc engine is perfect for urban commuting.
  • Power: Plenty of speed (about 15 horsepower) to navigate city streets and keep up with traffic.
  • Fuel Efficiency: It’s perfect for budget-conscious riders as it saves you money on gas.


  • Automatic transmission: It’s easy to ride and perfect for beginners or those looking for a hassle-free experience.
  • Under-seat storage: Convenient for storing a helmet and daily necessities.
  • Comfortable riding position: The upright and relaxed posture is perfect for long distance riding.

Advantages of the Yamaha NMAX:

  • Convenient and easy to ride: Automatic transmission makes it perfect for beginners or riders looking for a hassle-free experience.
  • Fuel efficiency: It saves you money on gas, making it perfect for budget-conscious riders.
  • Storage space: Under-seat storage space can store a helmet and essentials.
  • Comfortable riding position: The upright and relaxed riding position makes riding long distances more comfortable.
  • Relatively affordable

Yamaha NMAX Cons:

  • Low power consumption: Reduce power for the thrill of high-speed driving.
  • Rear seat comfort is limitedAlthough it is possible to carry a passenger, the NMAX is designed to prioritize the rider’s comfort when riding solo.

Who is the Yamaha NMAX suitable for?

  • Urban and New Riders: It’s perfect for riding around town and a great introduction to the world of two-wheelers.
  • Budget riders: It saves you money on gas and is generally more affordable.
  • Weekend Warriors: It offers plenty of power and storage space for a fun short trip.


The Yamaha NMAX is a practical and easy-to-use scooter, making it the perfect choice for Malaysian riders.


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