“You won’t go to hell for having long hair!” – M’sian Father Confronts Teacher For Cutting His Son’s Hair

Remember the good old days when we got free haircuts, thanks to the courtesy of our discipline teachers? Back at home, we became a laughing stock for the ruined haircut but the embarrassment kept us aware about maintaining discipline as a student.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. In a viral video shared by a Malaysian man on his Instagram @furqanfawwaz, a Malaysian father made it clear that he was NOT happy about his son’s “free haircut” at school. To him, keeping a long hair and violating the grooming rule were not a big deal.

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In the CCTV footage, the father confronted the teacher for cutting his son’s hair without getting his consent.

“This is not an animal’s head you touched. It’s my son’s head and hair, do you know?!” the man yelled at the teacher.

The father then continued to justify his son’s long hair, saying it was nowhere near a sin to keep a longer hair.

“You don’t go to hell for keeping long hair!”

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The man then started threatening the teacher and asked to see the teacher’s son, although his motive to do so was unclear.

“Call your son if you don’t want to feel pain! Now, is this my son or your son? What’s the point of me sending him to a private school?!” the man intimidated the teacher.

In his post, Furqan also urged others to respect the figures known as educators and teachers.

“They don’t make that much and they don’t deserved to be treated in such a manner.”

Furqan also said that it’s only natural to respect teachers who are responsible for educating our children during our absence.

“Even if they make mistakes, there’s a way to tell them. Certainly not like this. Now, I respect teachers more. The teacher in the video was insulted this way and yet, he remained patient and kept his cool.”

Education starts at home. What happens when the children, whose minds absorb information like a sponge are taught NOT to follow rules elsewhere?


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