Automated Genocide

The world is in the midst of another major technological revolution. Specifically, this is the third major technological revolution in the last 35 years. It began with the birth of the World Wide Web in the 1960s. 1989In the late 1990s and early 2000s, information went online and became accessible around the world at the speed of an electronic signal. This was the information revolution. Despite this great innovation, information was largely unstructured and difficult to access. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, online information became more structured. Googleis now online. Social media sites, My Space and Facebookwent online. This is the data revolution. Information became more accessible, structured, and abundant, but the large amount of raw data was difficult to manage, organize, and turn into actionable information. From the late 2000s to the present, we saw a revolution like online. CrowdsourcingProgress artificial intelligence, Facial Recognition, Social Media Data Miningand Gamification It is now possible to process vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently and turn it into intelligence – this is the intelligence revolution.

The same technological advances that enabled the intelligence revolution also allow governments to deploy vast capabilities never before possible. The combination of mass surveillance technologies, advanced targeting systems, autonomous drones, and advanced artificial intelligence allows governments to create lethal capabilities beyond even Orwell’s most dramatic predictions. In other words, governments can create automated systems of genocide. How would such a system work?

The first stage of an automated mass killing system is mass surveillance, both in the physical and cyber battlespace. Mass surveillance technologies include: A lot of cameras They monitor entire populations over very large geographic areas. Facial recognition allows governments to easily identify and track people using these mass surveillance systems. China is currently using this technology to terrifying effect in Xinjiang. Identifying and monitoring UighursIsrael Red Wolf Using facial recognition technology to track Palestinians.

Cyber ​​data mining has also become much more sophisticated and powerful. Since the invention of the Internet, governments have used sophisticated data mining programs to spy on their citizens. For example, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Carnivores The program was an early example of government data mining, and Carnivore’s capabilities were used by the National Security Agency. PRISM Programhas collected a huge amount of data from across the internet. Social media This process just got easier. Bots and other sophisticated scrapers can: artificial intelligence Countless social media profiles, posts, and other media can be easily data-mined to gather information about dissidents and political activists.

Cambridge Analytica demonstrated the power of its data mining software during the 2016 presidential election. 87 million Facebook profilesLinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles alone are a treasure trove of information: name, address, places visited, phone numbers, email, profile picture (for facial recognition), educational background, place of employment, and names of colleagues and friends. Social media profiles also contain connections to other dissidents (Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, etc.), tweets, Twitter hashtags, Facebook comments, and other information that serve as a variety of indicators for governments to seek out dissidents. Mass surveillance systems can use social media data to build large-scale social network maps and profiles of political opponents.

Mass surveillance is not just about cameras, cyber data mining, and electronic eavesdropping devices. Human intelligence (HUMINT) still plays a vital role in any mass surveillance system, and technology can make HUMINT collection much more effective and efficient through crowdsourcing, which is the use of large groups of people to gather information through online platforms. Use of crowdsourcingCrowdsourcing allows governments to quickly and efficiently gather information from thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of contributors. Crowdsourcing also allows governments to direct large groups of supporters to respond to online dissent. The Israeli government has Makes adjustments easier “…thousands of volunteers, mostly based in the U.S., who can be channeled from Israel into social media swarms.” The app allows the Israeli government and its allies to Promote Understand their stories and respond effectively to counter-narratives.

Using this data, governments can identify dissidents, opposition political activists, and other groups that may pose a threat to the regime. Social Credit System As used in China, these people are ranked based on a variety of criteria (such as ties to other dissidents, collaboration with dissident groups, participation in protests, etc.) to determine a threat level. This ranking allows the government to focus mass surveillance systems on specific individuals for continuous monitoring. As more information comes into the system, each target’s individual ranking can change based on the target’s evolving threat profile.

Once a targeted individual reaches a certain rank, the system automatically begins to develop a plan to neutralize the threat. At a low threshold, the system might simply dispatch bots to troll the target’s social media accounts. At a high threshold, the system might dispatch security forces to jail or deport the target. At the highest threshold, the system could dispatch autonomous drones using the most advanced technology. “Swarm drones” Use technology to assassinate your target.

This type of system Automated Kill ChainThis is not science fiction. The U.S. military developing this technology Israel has been deploying automated death chains for years to target al-Qaida and ISIS fighters. lavender In Gaza. lavender It combines data mining and gamification algorithms to rank and designate targets for bombings and assassinations. Where’s daddy? Another system deployed by Israel in Gaza is an integrated mass surveillance system that tracks targets. The Ukrainian government uses an automated kill chain program called MetaConstellation. MetaConstellation is a program that: “…commercial and classified government data…allows military officials to communicate enemy locations to commanders on the ground and to decide whether to attack targets.”

Currently, each step in the kill chain still has some degree of separation and human involvement at each stage. For example, Israel’s Lavender target ranking system, another The system, derived from the “Where’s Daddy” extremist tracking system, still requires a human commander to order attacks by drones and other military assets. Fully automating the kill chain requires advanced artificial intelligence that can efficiently process vast amounts of data, but it is only a matter of time before the artificial intelligence required to run such a system is developed.

As such powerful and dangerous weapons become feasible, their development will be almost inevitable. As countries begin to deploy fully automated kill chain systems, these systems will simultaneously monitor, target, and eliminate dissidents across entire populations. To be sure, humans will still be involved in intelligence gathering and analysis at various points in the kill chain, but the process from data mining to targeting and execution will be automated.

These automated mass killing systems arest New weapons of mass destruction for the 21st century. Unlike the indiscriminate destruction of nuclear weapons, automated mass killing systems can target with high precision and lethality tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of selected people belonging to a specific group (political dissidents, opposition groups, ethnic minorities, etc.), creating a threat unprecedented in today’s world. Six months after the start of the Israeli Gaza war, the Israeli military 33,137 Palestiniansand many of these deaths are in Israel. Where’s Lavender and Dad? Targeting systems. Imagine how much higher the death toll would have been if the Israeli army had a fully automated killing chain.

Automated genocide is not a concept from science fiction or Orwellian nightmares. Automated genocide is the product of the intelligence revolution and the failure of both international and national legal frameworks to regulate and curb the misuse of these emerging technologies. The technologies that enable automated genocide are not theoretical; these technologies have been developed and are being applied now. The only thing missing is the integration of these technologies with artificial intelligence to enable fully automated killing chains. The integration of artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, gamification software, facial recognition, and swarm drone technology will enable governments to kill with speed and efficiency never before seen in world history. Without the establishment of a global regulatory body to monitor the development and proliferation of these destructive tools, like the global stance against nuclear weapons, the world will witness the proliferation of horrific new weapons of mass destruction.

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