British TV station pays for mocking Ronaldo!

The BBC paid a heavy price after mocking the Portugal star’s missed penalty against Slovenia at Euro 2024.

After Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty in the first game of extra time, saved by Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak, a phrase appeared on the BBC’s TikTok account combining English with Cristiano Ronaldo’s name: “Mistiano Penaldo,” a satire of the fact that most of Ronaldo’s goals come from penalties, but that he also misses them.

Ronaldo was left in tears after missing a penalty in the first half of extra time in the round of 16 match between the two teams, scenes that divided opinion between supporters and detractors.

As punishment for what happened to the 39-year-old, her Instagram following dropped from 5 million to just 2 million, and she paid the price in just a few days.

This came after many users decided to boycott the radio station, accusing it of belittling Ronaldo and his career, and mocking him simply for missing a penalty kick.

Notably, Ronaldo took another penalty in the same match and converted it, sending his team to a Euros quarter-final appearance against France.


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