Investors Prefer Revenue Sharing Giant Rollblock’s 100x Potential To Polygon (MATIC) and Monero (XMR)

Cryptocurrencies are a smart investment 50 to 100 times Profits can be realized in just a few months. The key to achieving these huge profits is to invest early in low market cap gems with great utility in trending sectors such as GameFi. Polygon and Monero were once considered gems, but despite their great innovation and utility, their market caps are too high to be worth investing in for new investors in 2024. With this in mind, many investors are turning their attention to Rollblock.

As the first globally recognized Play-to-Earn GambleFi token, Roll Block (RBLK) integrates centralized and decentralized gaming ecosystems through its casino. Blockchain technology is employed to ensure transaction security, making them traceable and unalterable, greatly enhancing security. This stringent security approach has attracted significant interest from investors seeking reliable and promising prospects in a trending field.

Polygon fell 18% in July

As a scaling solution for Ethereum, Polygon was one of the cryptocurrency’s biggest gainers during the bull cycle of 2021. However, Polygon struggled in July, ahead of renewed bullish sentiment in 2025.

Polygon is down 18.9% in a month and could fall to its yearly low of $0.5 in the coming days. That said, Polygon remains a safe investment for investors looking for minimum returns through 2024-2025. If momentum picks up, Polygon could at least double its gains from this position and reach $1 in the next quarter.

Monero Recovers Amid Market Recovery

Despite experiencing volatility throughout 2024, Monero remained relatively stable compared to other major currencies during a minor crash in June.

As the market recovers, Monero continues to perform well, proving that utility coins with innovative technology like Monero will not be phased out.

Monero maintains a loyal user base and is seeing a resurgence in usage on privacy-focused platforms such as BTC-20 exchange Ghosty Cash (GHSY). Monero has proven that privacy, anonymity, and security remain key metrics for buyers, but potential gains may be hindered by Monero’s high market cap of $3.1 billion.

Rollblock plans to make waves in the GambleFi sector with its superior utility

Roll Block (RBLK) is a pioneering casino-backed Play-to-Earn token that provides users with access to a wide range of casino games while emphasizing transparency and authenticity. Rollblock leverages blockchain technology to make all transactions secure, traceable and immutable, preventing tampering with bets and enhancing overall security. This high level of security has attracted the interest of investors seeking a safe investment with great growth potential in one of the most trending sectors of cryptocurrency.

Unlike traditional casinos, Rollblock does not require KYC verification for user access – players can simply join the platform by connecting their cryptocurrency wallet or signing up with their email, significantly lowering the barrier to entry and appealing to a more diverse user base.

This accessibility has led to a significant increase in users and investor interest in acquiring the native RBLK token. Within the ecosystem, RBLK serves as a reward for player activity and provides staking opportunities for additional rewards in the future. Additionally, Rollblock employs a revenue sharing model, where up to 30% of the casino’s daily profits will be used for profit sharing among holders, token buybacks from the open market, and token burning to increase the value of RBLK.

Rollblock’s strategic tokenomics is specifically designed to drive value and encourage token holdings. The $RBLK token plays many important roles within the ecosystem, including rewarding player activity, facilitating staking rewards, and participating in profit sharing. This approach ensures a vibrant ecosystem for Rollblock users and encourages long-term user and investor engagement.

Additionally, Rollblock offers a wide selection of over 100 games from multiple providers to cater to a variety of gaming tastes, and the platform regularly updates its game library to maintain an exciting environment for both new and veteran gamers.

Experts expect Rollblock to rise significantly in value and predict it to become a leading DeFi token in 2024. The wide utility of the RBLK token combined with an innovative revenue sharing model creates huge growth potential, which makes Rollblock a highly attractive investment option for those looking for promising opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Looking ahead, Rollblock has ambitious expansion plans, including the introduction of sports betting and other innovative features that will further increase the platform’s appeal and utility. Such developments are expected to drive significant growth and adoption, ultimately increasing the value of the RBLK token and strengthening Rollblock’s position in the competitive gaming and cryptocurrency industries.

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