Malaysians exercise for health at Move8 Malaysia Day Walkathon

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On this Malaysia Day, which celebrates diversity, people from all walks of life Move it At the premiere #Move8 Malaysia Day 7km Walk Marathon Held in conjunction with KL Car Free Morning upon September 16, 2018 Departing from Dataran DBKL in the capital.

#Move8 Free Zumba at KL Car Free Morning on the first Sunday of every month

It’s pronounced “move it.” #Move8 Fitness Movement (Click here for details) encourages people of all ages to start exercising. The World Health Organization: Malaysia Malaysia has the highest obesity rate among its neighbors, and it’s no wonder, as Malaysian food, while tempting as it is, is so high in carbohydrates that Malaysians need to exercise more to stay healthy.

The #Move8 walk-a-thon series will be held quarterly, starting on Malaysia Day. September 16, 20187km is the equivalent of 10,000 steps, which is the minimum number of steps recommended each day to achieve optimal health (a walking marathon is estimated to take 90 minutes). kuala lumpur capital Malaysia During KL Car Free Morning, roads are closed to traffic and runners, walkers, cyclists and skaters share the road. Enjoy views of KL’s old and new city as you walk sky-high from the river confluence to the KLCC Twin Towers. Don’t be surprised if you spot horses pulling carriages, tandem cyclists and more.

“#Move8 is a movement to encourage people of all ages to exercise and by using the walking marathon to achieve this aim, everyone of any age can participate. Our inspiration is the community of healthy older people we know personally who hike, walk and run. Learning from them, we instill strong community values ​​wherever we go and hence, we pledge to contribute to a humanitarian charity with each event we host. For this year’s Malaysia Day, we have chosen Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia) as our beneficiary,” said the co-founder of AsiaFitnessToday. Jasmine Law and Nikki Yo.

Move8 Fitness Movement Started Asia Fitness Today – It is an online platform for companies to book fitness activities for their employees and for the public to book group training. We want to foster good relationships in the communities where we live and work by using fitness events as a way to stay healthy, make new friends and contribute to society. We believe that the #Move8 fitness movement will help us align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 3 “Good Health and Well-Being”. Although there are many marathons and fun runs held every week, there are still many Malaysians who do not participate because they are simply not interested or not physically fit enough to start. Since the Walk Marathon is easy for anyone to participate in, we encourage corporate citizens, government agencies, athletes and sportspeople to join us as fitness advocates and sign up their families and friends for the Walk Marathon,” adds Low.

of #Move8 Malaysia Day Walkathon This will be the first in a series of events held across the country. PenangLangkawi Island (Kedah), Cameron Highlands (Pahang), Kundasang (SabahThere are also plans to expand the walk to the ASEAN region. Each #Move8 walk will be held in a globally renowned location, making it attractive to both domestic and international travelers. Malaysian Touring the hottest tourist destinations, each #Move8 Walkathon will have a different theme depending on the location. Participants who complete the entire Walkathon series will be presented with a special prize to celebrate their achievement by Malaysia Day 2020.

of #Move8 Fitness Movement It is conceptualized as Asia Fitness Today (AFT) – Fitness startup launched by experiential event company International Groupa grant recipient of the Cradle Coach & Grow program.

#Move8 Malaysia Day Walkathon Official partners are KL Car Free MorningKuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) and Multi-Green EventInitiator of KL Car Free Morning. Prize sponsors include: Amnig, icon fitness, Jump Street Asia, Misha Skira and Nusantara Gold Bullion ExchangeMeanwhile, event partners Sonneair Hybrid air conditioning system and award-winning portable toilets Eco (both Cradle CGP recipients) have come on board to support #Move8 event organiser in providing sustainable event solutions.

The participation fee is RM50 All participants will receive a commemorative 999 silver coin, breakfast, a souvenir bag and a chance to participate in a raffle. 10% of the participation fee will be donated to MERCY Malaysia, a non-profit organization providing humanitarian and medical assistance in Malaysia. Malaysia Applications are accepted from overseas. The deadline is September 12, 2018 Tickets can be purchased online at: Click here for details.

Other than that #Move8 Malaysia Day WalkathonAFT also organises free Zumba at the KL Car Free Morning on the first Sunday of every month. kuala lumpur And that 100 Day Fitness Challenge A group of 30 people are coached to become healthier, fitter versions of themselves.100 Days of Elf Training with Certified Fitness Trainer.

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Go International SDN is an experiential events and integrated marketing communications company. Our vision is to create unforgettable experiences through live events that leverage technology and are inspired by “movement and rhythm”. Since 2005, our pioneering spirit and passionate team of skilled professionals have been delivering impactful and innovative events. kuala lumpur and SydneyVisit home page.

Asia Fitness Today aim Asian #1 & Most Trusted Fitness Network by 2020. Our goal is to Asia To Move And understand that exercise really is therapy. As Asian countries develop, more and more busy middle-class professionals are sacrificing their health to pursue their careers. It is our goal and responsibility to bring balance back into people’s lives. We believe we can achieve this through education, fitness programs and fitness events. AFT has developed the Move8 fitness movement, which hosts weekly, monthly and quarterly events that encourage people to move. Activities range from walk-a-thons and Zumba to wellness retreats and are fun for people of all ages and fitness levels. Asia Fitness Today is a fitness platform incubated by Go International Innovation Lab, a division of Go International Group Dotcom Sdn Bhd, and a recipient of the Cradle Malaysia Coach ‘n Grow programme since 1999. June 2017,

KL Car Free Morning It would be held 7:00AM to 9:00AM Held on the first and third Sunday of every month, roads are closed for people to cycle, handcycle, run, skateboard, roller skate, rollerblade or simply walk. The event starts from Dataran DBKL (near Dataran Independence Square) and takes participants along major roads for about seven kilometers. In Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle. Title sponsor OCBC Bank will provide 140 bicycles for free every time. September 22, 2013is organized by Multigreen Events, kuala lumpur City Hall. The event always draws thousands of people, demonstrating Malaysians’ growing health consciousness and appreciation for the KL Car Free Morning.

mercy Malaysia MERCY is a non-profit organization focused on providing medical relief, sustainable health-related development, and risk reduction activities to vulnerable communities in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Malaysia MERCY Malaysia recognises the value of working with partners and volunteers, providing opportunities for individuals to serve with professionalism. We adhere to the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and Disaster Relief NGO Code of Conduct and are accountable to donors and beneficiaries. As a non-profit organisation, MERCY Malaysia relies solely on funding and donations from organisations and generous individuals to continue delivering our services. Humanitarian aid to beneficiaries. For more information, Merci.

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