MOG and Raboo Rocket Past BNB, Igniting Meme Coin Mania!

The cryptocurrency market has endured some dark times over the past few weeks with inconsistent price fluctuations and volatility. But after all, it is the cryptocurrency market and the gains will come back. Just this time, the gains won’t be for everyone.

Binance Coin (BNB), like many other major altcoins, is not at its best on the price charts, leading to frustration among BNB investors. However, meme coins have once again come to the rescue. It’s the season for meme coin mania, and Mog Coin (MOG) is joined by new AI crypto coin Raboo ($RABT) as the hottest crypto project right now.

We bring you more details about what’s happening in the altcoin market.

MOG shocks the cryptocurrency market

MOG is quickly replacing the cat-themed meme coin that is already Ethereum-based, and its dominance continues to show as its price continues to trend upwards.

MOG has been featured frequently in cryptocurrency news over the past few weeks due to its meteoric rise, which has led to increased investor interest in the coin. MOG’s rally peaked at $0.000002095 on July 1st, before hitting a new record high.

However, the cryptocurrency market loves a bit of cynicism every now and then, and MOG’s rally could be its undoing. Analysts have observed that MOG’s Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is at a high of 130.83, showing signs of overbuying, which could lead to a pullback in MOG coin price.

Either way, MOG is doing better than BNB, as the meme coin is still recording gains and swimming against the bearish tide.

BNB’s struggles continue

Binance’s troubles with regulators are no longer new news. Binance and its native token, BNB, have had a tough time in court and on the price charts. Numerous episodes of legal battles have tarnished the project’s reputation and eroded investor confidence.

Outside of the courtroom, serious allegations about the former Binance CEO’s assets in circulation have been floating around the crypto news, and it’s not hard to imagine how much damage these allegations could have done to investor confidence in the coin, which was already on the decline.

Meanwhile, as is typical with top crypto projects, BNB Chain continues to announce new projects that will increase the utility of Binance Coin. These developments have not borne much fruit, with BNB only recording 3.92% growth in the past week, pales in comparison to MOG and is a long way from the predictions of new AI crypto coin Raboo.

Raboo: The best of both worlds

Like MOG, the $RABT token has outperformed BNB as investors continue to flock to its presale. However, many experts believe that Raboo is actually better than MOG in terms of profit potential, and the reasons are not far-fetched: Raboo leverages two of the most dominant sectors in the DeFi industry: AI and meme coins.

Meme coins are plentiful. Anyone who has been in the cryptocurrency market for any length of time knows the history of meme coins and their incredible rise. However, meme coins have recently lost their essence. The industry is now flooded with bland and boring memes, and investors have little trust in these coins due to the recent recurring pump and dump syndrome in the sector.

Raboo token seeks to fix the meme coin sector by weeding out low-quality memes, injecting high-quality memes, and building a sustainable community of meme enthusiasts. Through a feature called Rabooscan, and a Post-to-Earn feature that allows users to earn tokens by posting meme-worthy content, Raboo has set aside a pool of 135 million tokens to reward its users.

Moreover, the AI ​​sector has emerged as one of the most promising sectors in the Defi industry. According to Bloomberg predictions, the generative AI industry could reach a market size of $1.3 trillion in 10 years, which is impressive considering its size in 2022 was only $40 billion. As an AI crypto coin, Raboo is an early entrant in the industry and is also looking to discover the appealing characteristics of meme coins.


Binance Coin remains under fire from regulators, and MOG is enjoying a bull market, but no one knows how long it will last.

But what’s even more amazing is that Raboo is marrying the best of two worlds: this AI crypto coin deploys generative AI as a tool to clean up the fun-less meme coin industry, while returning hefty profits to investors.

Raboo is in the 4th stage of presale and investors have already earned 60% ROI. $RABT tokens are being sold at $0.0048. And with an expected profit of 233% in the presale, there is still a lot to gain for new investors.



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