Party with the Water People

Ah, Venice! Imagine a city where the roads are made of water, where traffic is caused by boats rather than cars, and where you try to parallel park and risk getting submerged in dirty canal water if you don’t get close enough to the curb. It’s certainly a unique experience, but one that probably won’t last much longer without the effects of global warming.

Travel to a Land of Vanishing Wonders Venice Festival Slots from Evo Play.

It’s party time!

The Venice Festival slot has one payline and four standard symbols: one crown and three festival-goers. The crown only pays when three of them appear simultaneously on a payline, but any combination of festival-goers that appears on a single payline will still pay out. However, this payout will be less than when the same festival-goer symbols appear three times on a single payline.

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During both the slot’s base game and free spins, one of three wild symbols can appear on the reels. Wild symbols substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. Venice Festival slot features bronze, silver and gold wild symbols, which respectively award 2x, 3x and 5x multipliers to any winning combinations they’re involved in.

The slot’s free spins bonus feature round is triggered when three of the slot’s scatter symbols appear on a payline – if only two appear, the slot offers a second chance respin, freezing any reels with two scatter symbols in place and respinning for the third symbol.

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During the slot’s Free Spins bonus feature round, a random multiplier value appears above the reels at the start of each spin. This value is applied to all winning combinations completed on the displayed spin. The maximum multiplier value that can be displayed during a Free Spins round is 50x.

Will the Venice Festival Slot become a party legend or ruin the party?

With a maximum multiplier of 3,789x, Evoplay’s Venice Festival slot gives you the chance to win up to $284,175 if you bet $75 per spin. However, betting on the slot starts from just $0.10 per spin, so you can try it out on the cheap. Medium to high volatility and, RTP 96%.

Venice Festival Slots It’s a great game. It won’t win any awards for the amount of features or paylines, but it doesn’t really need to. It has a solid theme and is beautifully executed. The gameplay is simple, but it incorporates far more bonus features than you’d expect from a three-reel slot game. I give Venice Festival slot a 9 out of 10.

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