Stability Meets Speed: Tether vs Solana

Solana’s price is rising, Tether is tightening its policies regarding the issuance of USDT on various blockchains, and among them, WW3 Shiba has gained fame by attracting more investors with its P2E feature.

It explores all about Solana, Tether, and the rise of Shiva in World War 3.

Tether: The Most Trusted Stablecoin

As stablecoin giant Tether continues to change its flagship USDT pegged to the US dollar, it has halted the issuance of new USDT tokens on multiple additional blockchains.

Tether’s blog officially announced on Monday, June 24 that issuance of Tether USDT on the Eos and Algorand blockchains will cease on June 24.

Meanwhile, on the Open Network (TON) blockchain, Tether’s USDT supply is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Stablecoin issuers have released $580 million worth of USDT tokens on the TON blockchain, following Tether’s release of its USDT stablecoin on the TON network just under two months ago.

Is Solana back on track?

Millions of new projects are launched on the Solana blockchain every year. Over the years, these projects have come in different types, levels of success, and degrees of legitimacy. Our analyst report found that if an ETF based on Spot Solana were to be launched in the United States, the price of Solana could rise 9 times.

Solana has seen a 14% drop in price over the past 30 days, but has since recovered. Over the past 7 days, Solana’s price has increased 3% and is currently at $140 (at the time of writing). Additionally, Solana’s total locked value (TVL) has increased by 120% in 2024.

WW3 Shiba: Investors are flocking to this new meme coin

WW3 Shiba’s community is growing rapidly with support from blockchain gaming fans and meme coin enthusiasts. WW3 Shiba is expected to emerge as the successor to Shiba Inu (SHIB) and could become one of the most valuable new blockchain gaming assets in 2024.

Investors who have been in multiple cycles recognize the potential of WW3 Shiba and predict a 580% price increase during the presale.

The maximum number of WW3S tokens that can be held on WW3 Shiba is 4.3 billion. 20% of the total token supply is set aside for marketing purposes to ensure the meme coin goes viral.

After the team independently verified the smart contract with SolidProof, new investors are flocking to buy WW3S tokens for as little as $0.001. Early investors can benefit from price increases and earn passive income through staking.


With all cryptocurrency development, more and more projects try to introduce innovative features to attract users. WW3 Shiba is definitely doing a better job than the rest. Whales, investors and retail traders are moving away from Solana and other coins and turning their attention to this new meme coin.

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