Sweden protests death sentences given to three Swedes in Iraq, says fourth has no confirmed case

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sweden’s foreign ministry said Thursday it was summoning its Iraqi chargé d’affaires in Stockholm to protest the death sentence given to a Swede in Iraq.

last month, Stockholm protests against death penalty Two more death sentences were confirmed on Thursday, bringing the total number of Swedes sentenced to death in Iraq in recent weeks to at least three, all in connection with deadly shootings earlier this year, the foreign ministry said.

The ministry said it had also received information that a fourth Swedish national had been sentenced to death on drug-related charges, but added that “due to uncertainties regarding this person’s identity, the ministry cannot currently confirm the sentence.”

“We are acting to ensure that the death penalty is not carried out,” the ministry said, adding that Sweden condemns any application of the death penalty. “We oppose the death penalty at all times, everywhere and in all circumstances,” it said.

The ministry said it was in contact with the Swede and his family but declined to provide further details, citing privacy regulations.

Swedish media have reported that the three Swedes are suspected of being involved in the murder of an Iraqi criminal. The murders earlier this year are believed to be linked to a gang war between two groups in Sweden that has led to numerous murders and attempted murders, some of which have taken place outside Sweden. The Foxtrot network and its rival Roomba have been locked in a deadly feud for many years.


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