‘The Sound of Music’ premieres in Kuala Lumpur this month

The beloved classic is set to premiere at Istana Budaya on December 27. Chantal Prudhomme, CEO of Base Entertainment Asia, speaks about the highly anticipated musical in Kuala Lumpur.

“Why do we Music sounds“Because at its heart it is a story about a transcendent love that endures and grows even in the most difficult times,” asks Chantal Prudhomme.

Musicals, movies, or Edelweiss This world-famous musical piece played on recorder is beloved by many, and for the CEO of an international entertainment company specialising in live performance and theatre management, it’s both a challenge and motivation to bring only the best to Malaysian audiences when the Broadway musical hits the Istana Budaya stage on December 27.

For those unfamiliar with the work, the story follows Maria Rainer, a young nun turned governess to the Trapp family, who falls in love with the children as she teaches them music. In the process, the children open up to her and eventually come to adore their governess, attracting both the interest and the opposition of their strict and distant father, Captain Georg Trapp. As the family navigates many emotional challenges — the daughter’s self-discovery, the father’s attempts to understand his children better, and the woman’s attempt to find her place in her newfound family — Prudhomme explains how it parallels our current reality.

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