Australia appoints Derek Yip as new ambassador to Cambodia

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Australia announces appointment of Derek Yip As Australia’s new Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, his appointment marks a significant step in strengthening Australia’s long-standing relationship with Cambodia, a valued member of ASEAN and a key partner in the region.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong said she was confident of Mr Yip’s capabilities to strengthen bilateral ties. “Derek Yip brings extensive experience and expertise to this role. His background and past engagements make him well suited to advance Australia’s interests and foster strong ties with Cambodia,” she said.

Promoting inclusive and sustainable development is important

The relationship between Australia and Cambodia is rooted in cooperation across a range of sectors, including health, infrastructure, agriculture, and key issues such as peacekeeping and combating transnational crime. Minister Wong highlighted the importance of this collaboration, saying, “Our collaboration with Cambodia is vital as we promote inclusive and sustainable development. We are committed to supporting ASEAN’s role in ensuring peace, prosperity and security in the region.”

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Cambodia’s rapid economic growth offers many opportunities to increase trade and investment. Strengthening economic ties with Cambodia is a top priority in the Australian Government’s Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040. “Cambodia’s dynamic economy offers great potential for Australian businesses. Strengthening economic ties between our two countries is beneficial for both countries,” Mr Wong said.

Strong people-to-people ties between Australia and Cambodia further underpin the relationship. With more than 57,000 ethnic Cambodians living in Australia, these ties play an important role in fostering mutual understanding and cooperation. “Our diverse and multicultural communities are a testament to the strong bonds between our two countries,” Mr Wong said.

Further strengthening diplomatic and economic relations

Derek Yip is a senior career officer in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, having previously served as Assistant Secretary in the East Asia Political Bureau and having completed two tours of duty in China, and his extensive experience in the region is expected to be invaluable in his new role.

The appointment also recognises the contributions of former Ambassador Justin Wyatt. “I would like to thank Justin Wyatt for his significant contribution to promoting Australia’s interests in Cambodia. His dedication and hard work have contributed greatly to strengthening relations between our two countries,” Mr Wong said in a statement.

Australia continues to prioritize its relations with Southeast Asia and Derek Ip’s appointment is seen as a strategic move to further strengthen diplomatic and economic ties with Cambodia, reflecting the Australian Government’s commitment to regional stability and prosperity.


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