Bill Morgan Buys More XRP Amid Market Dip and Uncertainty
  • Bill Morgan’s continued investment in XRP shows confidence despite market volatility.
  • Ripple’s new “Try It” feature increases developer accessibility and innovation.

Despite XRP recently dropping below $0.40, prominent pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan bought More XRP tokens. The crypto community is interested in and discussing this choice.

XRP Price Plummets

XRP plummeted by over 10%, trading below $0.40 at the time of Morgan’s purchase. This price drop coincided with a larger global cryptocurrency market collapse that was marked by a full-scale red wave.

Morgan hinted at a more conventional approach to accumulating XRP, stating plans to buy more tokens if the price drops to around $0.375. This strategy implies he has a lot of confidence in XRP’s long-term prospects, even if market volatility continues.

The timing of Morgan’s purchase is significant given that the price of XRP has remained steady since the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit began. Morgan’s actions demonstrate strong belief in XRP’s future despite legal uncertainty and market shifts.

Current market situation

The price of XRP has risen somewhat at the moment, surpassing the $0.40 mark and currently trading at around $0.4147In the last 24 hours, this 8.18% Additionally, XRP’s market capitalization of approximately $23.1 billion highlights its strength against current challenges.

Meanwhile, Ripple has announced a new tool called “Try It,” which allows developers to send simulated API calls without login credentials, allowing for more creativity and accessibility within the Ripple ecosystem.

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