Bloomberg analysts expect spot Ethereum ETFs to launch by mid-July

Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seifert said he and his colleagues believe a spot Ethereum ETF could launch around July 15, once the application process settles down.

Seyfert Posted a prediction The company made the announcement on social media on July 3, but said it was “not very confident in predicting a release date at this time.”

The prediction comes in conjunction with Bitwise amending its spot Ethereum ETF filing on July 3. Seifert noted that the only significant change was the addition of a six-month fee waiver for the first $500 million in assets.

“These changes are very minimal. [I don’t know] Why can’t the ETF be ready within a few weeks?”

He said there is no official timetable for approval and that the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance “will continue to review the matter.” [its] Each fund takes time to be approved.

“Literally nothing.”

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas said the recent string of comments had “literally nothing” to do with the fund, arguing it should have already started trading.

He added that the light-hearted comments allowed Bitwise to amend its application ahead of the July 8 deadline that it and other applicants are expected to meet.

Balchunas said all signs point to a “launch.” [is] It continues this month too.”

Meanwhile, ETF Store President Nate Geraci said applicants One more round The proposed amendment would add a fee before a fund can enter into a transaction.

The SEC issued the exchange’s approval in May.

The SEC approved rule changes to 19b-4 on May 23, allowing exchanges to list and trade the pending spot Ethereum ETF. The SEC will now need to approve the S-1 registration statement to allow the asset manager to offer the fund, but has not set a deadline for doing so.

Balchunas said final approval was guaranteed, noting:

“The good news is [the SEC] approved [the 19-b4s]It’s just logistics and publishers are free to make decisions regarding timelines.”

Balchunas previously predicted that a spot Ethereum ETF would launch before the Fourth of July, calling his prediction an “over/under” date. Extension The SEC has asked filers to amend their S-1 registration statements by July 8, reversing previous predictions from late June.

Other applicants have also backed the impending launch of an Ethereum ETF, with Galaxy Digital, which is filing with Invesco, expecting the fund to launch within the next few weeks.

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