Huge Spikes In PEPE Network: The Next Big Crypto?

The PEPE token has attracted significant attention from both retail and institutional investors. Prominent market analysts have Santiment and Whale Alert highlighted notable trends in the token’s network activity and whale accumulation, respectively. Additionally, Nebraskangooner’s technical analysis provides key insights into the asset’s likely future price movements.

Pepe, http://Fetch.AI and Ethereum Name Service have something in common: sudden spikes in network growth. When a coin experiences a surge in the creation of new addresses, it is often related to FOMO due to a price increase (e.g. ENS) or a potential breakout.

According to data from Santiment, PEPE is part of a consortium of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Fetch.AI and Ethereum Name Service. [ENS]recorded a significant increase in network growth. Such spikes often indicate an increase in new addresses being created. This suggests increased interest and potential bullish sentiment towards PEPE, but may be driven by FOMO due to price increases and anticipation of a breakout.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited token integration between, Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET, originally scheduled for June, has been postponed to July 15, 2024. Santiment has warned that intense volatility awaits the FET token until this date.

Additionally, Whale Alert highlights significant whale activity in the PEPE market. Whales, or large investors, have been accumulating millions of dollars worth of PEPE tokens. This accumulation highlights growing confidence among large investors and can often precede significant price movements.

While the network growth and whale accumulation suggest bullish potential, well-known technical analyst Nebraskangooner cautions against a descending triangle pattern. Analysis has revealed a descending triangle pattern formation on PEPE, which is a bearish indicator.

Can PEPE hold the line? Critical support zone analysis

The Nebraskangooner suggests watching for a breakout or breakdown from this pattern.
A breakdown of the downside could lead to a cautious move towards the 99 SMA. [Simple Moving Average] Support levels are important milestones in a token’s price fluctuations. Highlighted support zones [green area] It indicates an important level where buyers may enter if the price drops, providing a buffer against further declines.



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