Kuching Boy Is Sole Malaysian To Get Into Caltech For Class Of ’28 Sets His Sight On NASA

Speaking about what drew him to Caltech, Joel shared that he loves the university’s tight-knit community, where students are passionate about research but also have time for “fun and pranks”.

“I saw myself in Caltech because I felt I could resonate with their community, and the student body was a perfect embodiment of my personality — passionate but rebellious,” said the Shell scholarship recipient.

According to Joel, he plans to pursue chemical engineering in the future, as it intersects with other fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, and artificial intelligence, which he’s passionate about.

“I’m also planning to explore niche courses like Astrophysics and Geology and Planetary Science, where I can actually work on samples at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA,” he said.

This fascination with various scientific fields fuels Joel’s ultimate goal: to make a positive impact on the planet. He aspires to create breakthroughs in nanotechnology, contributing to the global transition towards a greener Earth with net-zero emissions.

While his future includes serving his bond with Shell Malaysia after graduation, he intends to pursue his postgraduate studies afterwards, offering a chance to delve deeper into his chosen field.

“I’ll just take things one step at a time,” Joel said, reflecting his grounded yet ambitious approach.

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