Laotian Wife Of Chinese YouTuber Says She Only Married Him Because He Had Air-Conditioning In His Room

A Chinese vlogger, who goes by the handle Lin Lao Shi, or Teacher Lin on YouTube, tied the knot with a woman from Laos 14 years his junior late last year.

He often shares videos of their life together, including their stay at his wife’s family home and their travels in Thailand.

Lin Lao Shi boasts over 100K subscribers on his channel, thanks in part to his wife’s good looks and voluptuous figure.

In his vlog detailing their traditional wedding ceremony, Lin Lao Shi revealed that his wife’s culture dictates they get married once he visits her home.

“When I bring up the topic of marriage, there will definitely be people asking about the bride’s dowry. [It’s] 13K yuan (S$2400). It includes the fees paid to the village head to apply for our marriage certificate, and also to buy a pig and other [gifts],” he said.

He explained that the actual dowry “possibly came up to less than 10k yuan (S$1864)”, though he did not ask his wife’s family about the specifics.

In an earlier vlog, Lin Lao Shi also revealed that he had asked the women in his wife’s hometown about what they look for in an ‘overseas husband’.

According to him, they want a partner who is not too old, and not ugly. They also want to be with a man who “has some money” and is comfortable spending S$1.1K-1.5K a month in Laos.

Lin Lao Shi, who looks to be in his 30s, added: “Although I am 14 years older than my girlfriend, I don’t appear very old. There are men in their 40s and 50s asking if they can find a young wife here. It’s possible, but chances are lower.”

Lin Lao Shi’s wife was also candid about why she agreed to marry him.

When asked for the reason, his wife said it was because she “has no air-con at home”.

After seeing an air-conditioner in the hotel room he was staying in at that time, she immediately agreed to the marriage.

“It’s too hot, I really [want to be] in an air-conditioned room,” she said.

“You want the air-con — it’s not because you like me?” joked Lin Lao Shi.

His wife simply replied with a smile: “I do like you! But it’s even better that there’s air-con.”

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