Malaysians excited about American tourist named Malaysia

Fellow Malaysians, meet Malaysia.

Many internet users were excited when an American tourist named Malaysia visited the country that bears her name and gushed about her experience.

Malaysia was featured in a TikTok video, where she revealed that it was her first time visiting the Southeast Asian country and that she chose to visit because “that’s my name.”

The 35-second video, which has been viewed more than 48,000 times, is part of a series called “Pergi Mana Gogogo,” which asks tourists about their travel experiences in Malaysia.

Malaysia said she had no expectations before visiting the country, but her experience since arriving has “far exceeded my expectations.”

“So far it’s been amazing. The people here are so kind,” she said, adding: “The food is amazing and the culture is so welcoming and inviting.”

When one commenter asked about the origin of Malaysia’s unique name, the original poster of the video replied that Malaysians told them “it’s a very common name.”

A commenter with the handle nurimaninaaa06 speculated that her parents may have named her Malaysian because of fond memories associated with the country.

Many people were excited about Malaysia’s presence on Malaysian soil and gave her a warm welcome.

“Hello Miss Malaysia. Welcome to Malaysia. I’m sure Malaysians will love Malaysia very much because Malaysians love Malaysia too,” said a commenter with the handle “wellasek.”

“Her own character already represents Malaysia. (She) looks mixed race, kind, polite and soft-spoken,” said a commentator using the handle “”

Some of them said they knew someone named Malaysia.

“My friend’s aunt is from Sabah and has a Malaysian name,” said a commenter using the handle “Skone Vinz @Seeds0fChange.”

Malaysia isn’t the only country where people have been given the name – Ireland, America, India, Jordan, Georgia and Chad have also been used as names.

According to the US Social Security website, since 2011, the name “Malaysia” has consistently been among the top 1,000 most popular baby girl names in the US.

In 2023, the name Malaysia ranks 776th in popularity.


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