Mini Electric 2024 might be launched in Malaysia this month

BMW Group Malaysia will host a big launch event for the new Mini line-up later this month. Based on the teaser on Mini Malaysia’s official website, we believe that the event will also be the first outing of the all-new 2024 Mini Cooper SE, also known as the Mini Electric.

BMW Group Malaysia is a big tease

Mini Launch - July 2024

The main marketing image for the launch event features four different Mini vehicles. Three of them including the all-electric 2024 Mini Countryman SE All4 as well as the ICE-based 2024 Mini Country John Cooper Works (JCW) All4 and Mini Cooper S were previously previewed at the Malaysia Autoshow back in May.

As for the fourth model in the picture, it is clearly the 2024 Mini Cooper SE in Blazing Blue colourway even though BMW Group Malaysia did not specifically name the model on the website. Scheduled to take place on 13 July, the Mini launch event will be held at JioSpace in Petaling Jaya and is open to the public.

Mini Cooper SE 2024 to be priced at around RM200k

Mini Cooper SE 2024 Malaysia estimated price - Mini Electric

Even though the 2024 Mini Electric was not part of BMW Group Malaysia all guns blazing outing at Malaysia Autoshow, the company still did not forget to mention at its booth during the event. If you scrolled through the digital brochure for the 2024 Mini Cooper S at the booth, you would then see the brochure for the new Mini Electric as well.

The document not only provides the EV’s basic specs but also lists its estimated retail price of RM199,000. Other than that, the brochure also said that customers can obtain the 2024 Mini Electric in Blazing Blue, Nanuq White, Chili Red II, Legend Grey, Sunny Side Yellow, Midnight Black II, British Racing Green, and Melting Silver although its interior only comes in Nightshade Blue.

Mini Cooper SE 2024 offers more range and firepower

Mini Electric - Mini Cooper SE
Mini Cooper SE: old (left) vs new (right).

The new Mini Electric 2024 was developed through a collaboration between BMW and Great Wall Motor (GWM). Don’t worry, the new Mini Electric was not a reskinned Ora Good Cat and was built using a new EV-specific platform.

Aside from the new exterior, one of the biggest upgrades that the Mini Electric 2024 offers is performance. The new model carries a 160kW (215hp) electric motor that also produces 330Nm of torque as opposed to its predecessor which has a 135kW (181hp) motor with a peak torque of 270Nm.

Mini Cooper SE Electric

With a top speed of 170km/h, the beefier motor also helped the 2024 model to accelerate quicker from 0 to 100km/h at 6.7 seconds. As a comparison, the previous generation Mini Electric takes around 7.3 seconds to go from 0 to 100km/h.

The 2024 model has also been fitted with a larger capacity NCM battery at 54.2kWh, unlike its predecessor which has a 32.6kWh NCM battery. The bigger battery allows the 2024 Mini Electric to deliver a WLTP-rated range of 402km while the older model is limited to 234km.

Mini Cooper SE - Mini Electric 2024

While we don’t know whether this will apply to the units that BMW will release in Malaysia, the general specs sheet stated that the 2024 Mini Electric can support a DC charging speed of up to 95kW. This is unlike its predecessor which maxed out at 50kW although the new model still has an 11kW onboard AC charger.

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