Ministry studying parking fee exemption to encourage EV purchase

PETALING JAYA: In an effort to promote the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs), the government is considering waiving local authority parking fees for EVs, said Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming.

According to The Star, Nga said the ministry is presently holding talks with the respective local councils to consider the feasibility of the proposal.

“We are currently studying the possiblity of giving parking exemption for EV cars as a push factor for more people to buy EVs rather than traditional fossil fuel cars,“ he was quoted as saying.

He cited London as an example, where non-EV are imposed a congestion fee of about £15 (RM90) per entry while EVs are exempted from the Congestion Charge zone.

In regards to the progress of setting up 10,000 charging stations for EVs nationwide by 2025, Nga acknowledged the slower progress, adding that as of now, about 3,000 charging stations have been set up.

Private sector including foreign investors were welcome to set up more charging stations, he added.


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