Occupation forces occupy a quarter of Gaza Strip “in preparation for permanent settlements”

The Hebrew-language daily Haaretz published satellite images showing Israeli occupation forces taking control of key parts of the Gaza Strip in preparation for settlements.

“According to Haaretz’s calculations, based on the analysis of satellite imagery and other visual sources, the area of ​​land controlled by Israeli forces since the start of the ground operation on October 27 now reaches 26 percent of the Gaza Strip,” the paper reported.

She noted that the occupying forces “are expanding their (military) bases, building infrastructure and even paving roads in the lands they have occupied.”

The paper quoted an unnamed army official as saying the seized land in the Gaza Strip was an “attempt to continue the occupation.”

But the paper said “military action has delivered unexpected benefits to those in favor of settlement redevelopment and is creating the conditions for a new reality of long-term Israeli control of the Gaza Strip.”

In this context, the paper noted that “after nearly nine months of war, the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents to the southern Gaza Strip has become permanent.”

“The Israeli army established a buffer zone along the Israeli border, destroyed nearly every building within it, prevented Palestinians from entering, and occupied the Philadelphia Corridor, destroying many buildings there,” she said.

“The Israeli army took control of the Netzarim Corridor (in the central Gaza Strip) and prevented Palestinians from living there,” she continued, noting that the area was bustling with activity.

“The Israeli army has set up four bases along the (Netzarim) corridor, the most visible of which is a Turkish hospital, from which soldiers are downloading countless documents,” the paper added.

She noted that “a number of videos circulated on social media show soldiers setting up synagogues in various parts of the Gaza Strip and even calling for settlements.”

She added: “There was a huge settlement meeting and march to the Gaza Strip, where Daniella Weiss (a right-wing activist) appeared in the Knesset Lobby and spoke about the settlement intentions of hundreds of families ready to settle (in Gaza) immediately, and explained that settlements would start from Israeli military bases.”

She continued, “Activists are gathering near the fence (the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel) waiting for an opportunity to enter the Gaza Strip,” noting that “at least 12 ministers have publicly supported a return to and settlement in the Gaza Strip (the settlements that were in the Gaza Strip before the withdrawal in 2005).”

Israel, with the full support of the United States, has been waging a devastating war in the Gaza Strip since October 7, resulting in mass destruction and starvation that has claimed the lives of dozens of children, while more than 125,000 Palestinians have been martyred or injured, many of them children and women, and more than 10,000 are missing.


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