Old Thomian Class of 1970 holds memorable reunion dinner in Kuching

Old Thomian Class of 1970 holds memorable reunion dinner in Kuching

The Old Thomians from the Class of 1970 are seen in their reunion T-shirts.

KUCHING (July 5): The St Thomas’ School Class of 1970 held a memorable reunion at the Sarawak Club here on July 2.

The long-awaited dinner brought together 53 attendees, including spouses and children, marking a joyous celebration of friendship and shared history.

One notable Old Thomian left Kuching shortly after Form 5 in 1970 and the dinner was his first time reuniting with classmates after 54 years.

Another dedicated classmate travelled from Tawau, enduring an early morning flight detoured via Miri due to inclement weather, exemplifying the lengths some went through to attend this cherished event.

Attendees also came from overseas, underscoring the reunion’s significance and the bonds that transcend time and distance.

The programme began with a solemn moment of remembrance for departed classmates and beloved Australian teacher Fred Black, with a touching slideshow honouring his impact on generations of students.

Amidst laughter and camaraderie, attendees joined in singing the school anthem, ‘Aim Higher’, a testament to the enduring spirit of their alma mater.

A highlight of the night was a heartfelt auction of a nearly century-old school tie belonging to a classmate’s father.

The auction’s proceeds, generously donated to charity, underscored the class’s commitment to giving back to the community that shaped them.

Joining the St Thomas’ School Class of 1970 were several spouses and children.

The atmosphere remained lively with karaoke sessions, a lucky draw, and classmates sharing both embarrassing and cherished moments.

Stories flowed freely, from life advice to memorable travel anecdotes, each contributing to the tapestry of shared experiences that define their collective journey.

Reflecting on the evening, attendees expressed overwhelming joy at reconnecting and vowed not to wait another nine years for the next reunion.

Plans are already underway for a future gathering within five years, with a commitment to ensuring accessibility for all classmates.

For these classmates, the 2024 reunion was not just an event but a reaffirmation of bonds forged in youth and cherished through the passage of time—a testament to the enduring spirit of St Thomas’ School.

The event was made possible through the support of sponsors including Everrise, Damai Lagoon Resort, The Waterfront Hotel, and KANTIN at Granary.

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