Pinoy asylum seeker faces voyeurism charge
The alleged peeping incident happened inside this Kwai Chung mall

A Filipino has found himself detained in jail while awaiting
further investigation, after he was charged with voyeurism at West Kowloon

F. Magallanes, a 34-year-old asylum seeker, was ordered
remanded in jail custody by Principal Magistrate Ivy Chui to await his next hearing
on Aug. 29 after the prosecution asked for an adjournment.

In the case filed by the police, Magallanes was accused of violating
Section 159AAB or Section 159AAC of the Crimes Ordinance, which prescribes a
penalty of up to five years’ imprisonment if a “Peeping Tom” is convicted.

The alleged offense happened last June 25 at a women’s toilet
on the third floor of Kwai Chung Plaza, a mall in Kwai Chung, New Territories.

He was arrested after he allegedly “surreptitously observed”
a woman identified as X while she was relieving herself and was in “circumstances
that gave rise to a resonable expectation of privacy…”

Police added that he “disregarded whether the said X consented
to being observed by him.”


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