Shiba Inu Team To Host First-Ever Meet And Greet In Kyoto, Japan

of Shiba Inu Team has announced that it will be holding its first ever meet-up, providing ShibaMee with a rare opportunity to interact with key members of the Shiba Inu development and promotion team. The community is excited and excited about the event, which will be held in Kyoto City.

Yayoi Kusama announces first ever meet and greet

July 1st, Lead Developer of the pseudonym Shiba Inu, Hidetoshi Kusama On X (formerly Twitter) present The first community interaction event. The developer of Shiba Inu expressed his excitement for the event and declared that he is looking forward to meeting and interacting with the community of the community. Shivami Community.

Kusama Disclosed The event is scheduled to take place at the official IVS Shiba Inu booth in Kyoto City around noon on July 5. In a previous post, he thanked the official IVF team for their support and patience ahead of the networking event.

Lead Developer of SHIB He also revealed that for many years he had been shy and reserved, but he decided to break out of this shell and become a more outspoken advocate. Web3 Technology In a distributed space, Kusama also revealed her desire to travel to Japan, calling it a “dream come true.”

he I got it. Kusama said he is a big fan of Japanese culture and is excited to meet a variety of talented people who will come together to have an in-depth discussion about Shiba Inu and its future. Kusama outlined some of the topics that will be discussed at the meetup, including future plans for Shiba Inu and the field of Web2 and Web3.

He further expressed gratitude to the SHIB community and declared that the upcoming event would be “a humbling experience that is only possible through Divine Providence.”

A historic moment for the Shiba Inu community

The upcoming Shiba Inu team meet-up will be a historic moment for the Shiba Inu community, where members will finally get to see the mysterious “Kusama Shitoshi” for the first time since SHIB’s founding. Ryoshi While some may not be able to attend, this highly anticipated event will bring together some of the community’s finest minds to discuss and explore. Interesting Potential of the SHIB Ecosystem.

Following Kusama’s event announcement, the community expressed their excitement and support for future events. One member said: I got it. Kusama was originally scheduled to appear in 2021, Shiba Inu Thanks to the developers for taking the time to finally get this done.

Other members share People expressed their excitement for the meetup, posted heartfelt support, and even expressed surprise that the anonymous developer had finally revealed his true identity. LucyChief Marketer for Shiba Inu, Posts A meme conveying her excitement and surprise at the news. post, She offered her heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Kusama during her stay in Japan.

Shiba Inu Team To Host First-Ever Meet And Greet In Kyoto, Japan
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