The Submersible Elux LAB-ID PAM01800

The watch also references a fascinating chapter of Panerai’s history. The name “Elux” actually originated in 1966, and was an abbreviation for elettroluminescenza”, a patented technology referring to the electroluminescent panels developed by Panerai. These did not rely on radioactive materials (a concern for the post-radium era), were highly durable, shock- and vibration-resistant, energy-efficient, and had adjustable light intensity. They were also available in various sizes, shapes, and materials, making them ideal for the Italian Navy, who used them for lighting naval instruments in command centres and ships. The Elux panels also helped create luminous pathways and signage on ship decks to aid helicopter landings at night or in poor visibility.

Panerai’s drive for innovation has endured to the present day. The Submersible Elux watch is the fourth concept watch from its creative incubator, the Laboratorio di Idee, with the previous LAB-ID watches comprising the PAM700 with its carbon nanotube-covered, light-absorbing dial, the lubricant-free PAM1700 with a 70-year guarantee, and the PAM1225 that was made almost entirely out of recycled materials.

On that note, the Submersible Elux features a case, bezel, and case back in blue Ti-Ceramitech, another patented invention that took Panerai seven years to develop. The ceramised titanium is 44 per cent lighter than steel and boasts a fracture toughness 10 times that of traditional ceramic. At 49mm by 21.9mm, the Submerisble Elux is not going to be everyone’s everyday watch, but given that the objective here is mechanical creativity, it doesn’t need to be.

The Submersible Elux LAB-ID PAM01800 will have a limited run of 150 pieces, with 50 pieces released each year for three years. But if you miss your chance, or simply want something less substantial on the wrist, here are three more shining options:


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