Zhang Yaodong Accused Of Impregnating & Fooling Around With Women, Netizen Also Claims He Has Two Kids With Girlfriend

In 2022, Mediacorp actor Zhang Yaodong shared with 8days.sg that he wasn’t seeing anyone at that time.

Back then, he told us that he had entertained thoughts of getting married, but did not wish to do so “for the sake of it”, fearing that it will end in a divorce. 

It seems the 46-year-old’s love life might be more happening that he let on. Or at least that’s what this recent post on Xiao Hong Shu is suggesting. 

In a post titled “About Singapore’s Zhang Yaodong”, a netizen shared a photo of Yaodong asleep in bed. The writer also accused him of being a serial cheater.

The picture was allegedly taken on May 28 this year.

“I’m no longer mad at this guy, otherwise I have so many other things to expose. I definitely have more than one picture,” warned the writer.

She also said she’s glad others are speaking up about the truth in the comments section and told fans, who might be “looking at the situation through tinted glasses”, to be discerning.

True enough, many netizens took to the comments section to bring up more claims against the actor. 

One netizen shared a photo, allegedly taken last September, of an unidentified guy many have assumed to be Yaodong.

The caption read: “There were others who used his photos to drive traffic? Do they know nothing?”

“He cheated on my friend a few years ago. During that time, he was also involved with a few other women. Those ladies have a lot of evidence too,” wrote another netizen, who also claimed that Yaodong “only goes after rich women” and is not good in bed. 

Another netizen, who’s apparently in Hong Kong according to her IP address, alleged that the actor has been pretending to be single when he’s in fact in a committed relationship.

She claimed he has two children, who are already in their teens, with said long-time girlfriend. 

The netizen also said Yaodong repeatedly cheated on his partner and got other women pregnant during the course of their relationship. She added she would reveal more about the actor in time to come.

According to the netizen, the scandal only came to light after Yaodong got involved with a lady from Hebei, who shared a photo of herself and Yaodong, claiming they were in a relationship.

The picture was later discovered by Yaodong’s girlfriend.

“I have a friend who was impregnated by Zhang Yaodong but doesn’t wish to come out to talk about this,” she said.  

The netizen also urged Yaodong to be accountable to his girlfriend. 

8days.sg has reached out to Yaodong’s manager. However, there has been no update as of press time. 

That said, the actor was seen on live stream session selling masks, supplements and other household items after the news broke last night.

Yaodong did not address the rumours, though netizens noticed that he appeared down and was rather silent during the live stream, leading to speculations that he was emotionally affected by the scandal.

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