Defiant Biden says he has no intention of dropping out of presidential race in TV interview | Joe Biden News

The US president said his debacle during the recent televised debate with President Donald Trump was due to “fatigue” and a “bad cold”.

In a highly anticipated interview with ABC News, US President Joe Biden reiterated his belief that he is the candidate to beat Donald Trump in November’s presidential election, and again called the recent disastrous debate with Trump a “bad episode.”

“I’m cognitively tested every day,” Biden, 81, said in a recorded interview with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos about the challenges he faces daily as president.

“I’ve been getting tested every day. Everything I do,” he said. “I just had a bad day tonight. I don’t know why.”

Stephanopoulos asked whether the debate gaffe was “a bad incident or a sign of something more serious” and whether it was realistic to believe Biden could beat the 78-year-old Trump, given the widening gap between the two candidates in the polls and growing concern among Democrats that Biden should step aside.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found that one in three Democrats want Biden to drop out of the election.

“I don’t think there’s anybody better qualified to do this,” Biden said in the interview, blaming his performance at the debate on fatigue and a “bad cold.”

Biden said the polls are inaccurate.

Asked if he had become more frail, Biden said, “No.”

Asked if he would withdraw from the race if Democrats said it was hurting their reelection chances in November, Biden responded, “If God almighty says so, then maybe I will.”

The 22-minute interview, which ABC said was uncut and unedited, has drawn attention from Democrats concerned about whether the president can hold onto four more years in office or beat Trump, who was set to run as the Republican presidential nominee following a poor performance in the June 27 debate.

Even before it aired in full, the interview seemed to do little to reassure viewers about Biden’s age or fitness to run for office.

Some Democratic donors and business leaders have been vocal about their displeasure with Biden’s candidacy, pulling funding or considering alternative candidates, and some of Biden’s closest political allies, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have raised questions about his health.

“It’s hard to imagine this good man defeating President Trump and serving another four years in the toughest job on earth,” former White House correspondent Ron Fournier said on social media alongside footage of the ABC interview.

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey issued a statement Friday urging Biden to carefully consider his decision to run, a rare moment in recent days when a Democratic governor has not issued a statement endorsing the president.

“President Biden saved our democracy in 2020 and has done a fantastic job over the past four years,” she said.

“The best path forward at this point is a decision for the president to make. Over the next few days, I urge him to listen to the American people and carefully evaluate whether he remains our best hope of defeating Donald Trump.”


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