Fair compensation for past service

Kuching: The government has assured that pension payments to retirees will be adjusted in line with the salary review of civil servants under the State Salary System for Public Servants (SSPA).

This is in line with Section 3 of the Pension Adjustment Act, 1980 (Act No. 238), which requires pension adjustments to be made whenever there is a salary revision for serving civil servants.

Civil servants interviewed by Sarawak Suara expressed support for the pension adjustment.

Mohammed Helmi Zamir

Mohd Helmi Zamir, 30 years old

This is a positive and appropriate measure. When civil servants’ salaries increase, the cost of living often rises, and pensioners need similar protection to avoid suffering financially. It is also a recognition of their service and contribution. But the adjustment process must be thorough and fair. Moreover, the government must ensure regular reviews based on a clear formula that takes into account inflation and rising costs of living.

Safwan Chong

Safwan Chong, 28 years old

This restructuring will undoubtedly help retired civil servants who are struggling with the rising cost of living. We hope that the government will continue to support civil servants, including retired civil servants, who have contributed to the development of the nation.

Atika Razali

Noor Atiqah Razali, 28 years old

The rising cost of living will necessitate increased pension payments, which will undoubtedly benefit retirees and show that the government cares about their well-being in retirement.

Nisha Atira Mohammad Naim

Nisha Atira Mohammad Naim, 26 years old

It is crucial to establish a clear methodology for adjusting pensions to guarantee future benefits for retirees. The government should prioritize these payments, as civil servants have served the country. However, a thorough study is needed to ensure fairness and avoid inconsistencies.


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