Governor Ruto proposes budget cuts after deadly protests

Dozens of Kenyans have been abducted during protests in Kenya demanding the repeal of tax hikes, according to human rights groups.

The protests have triggered the most serious crisis in President William Ruto’s two-year term.

Prime Minister William Ruto reversed the tax hikes in a victory for the movement, but the brutal response to the protests has raised fears of a backlash against human rights in Kenya, where at least 39 people have been killed in clashes with police and some protesters briefly stormed parliament last week.

Kenya’s president on Friday proposed alternatives to tax hikes to address a $2.7 billion budget deficit.

Finance Minister Root announced $1.39 billion in spending cuts and $1.32 billion in increased borrowing.

Caught between the demands of the International Monetary Fund and a nation struggling with the rising cost of living, President Ruto announced an austerity package that included dismantling state-owned enterprises and reducing government staff.


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