Mastermind in fake FDH contracts ring sentenced to 41 months in jail


Some District Court cases are heard in Tsuen Wan Court

A 63-year-old local female who used to run an employment agency in Mong Kok was sentenced yesterday to a total of 3 years and five months in jail for running a syndicate that arranged for 26 foreign nationals to work in Hong Kong illegally using fake employment contracts.

A press statement issued by the Immigration Department said the accused was convicted at the District Court of four counts of conspiracy to defraud and two counts of using a copy of a false instrument.

She was said to be the mastermind of the syndicate that used false instruments to obtain FDH visas for 26 people from different countries.

Earlier, one Hong Kong male resident and six FDHs involved in the operation had been convicted for various offences such as conspiracy to defraud and making false representation to an immigration officer and were sentenced to up to 15 months’ imprisonment.

Immigration began investigating the case after detecting several suspicious FDH visa applications from the same employment agent that were submitted to them for processing. After an investigation that took months, a syndicate was identified as having arranged for a big number of foreign nationals to come to Hong Kong to work as domestic helpers.

The Department subsequently mounted operations codenamed “Ironshield”, as a result of which a total of 18 persons, including the syndicate mastermind, three Hong Kong residents and 14 FDHs, have been arrested.

In addition, two computers, two mobile phones and a large amount of fake documents were seized, including time deposit advices, electricity bills and water bills.

Immigration said more suspects could be arrested as the investigation is continuing.

It is also reminded the public that making false representation to an immigration officer is a serious offence which is punishable with a maximum fine of $150,000 and imprisonment for 14 years.

The other offences committed in this case, such as conspiracy defraud and making, possessing or using false instruments could also land one in jail for up to 14 years for each charge.


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