Will Iran’s new president keep his promises? | Election News

Massoud Pezeskian promised to bring about change at home and engage leaders abroad.

Iran has elected a new president.

Massoud Pezeshkian is described by many as a moderate candidate who has promised social reform and engagement with the West.

However, in the Iranian system, the final decision lies with the Supreme Leader, not the president.

So will Pezeshkian’s election result in any change in policy?

And how will he address the many economic and political challenges facing Iran?

Presenter: Dareen Abu Ghaydah


Fouad Izadi – Dean of the Department of American Studies at Tehran University, expert on US-Iran relations

Roxane Farmanfarmaian – Lecturer in Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics at the University of Cambridge and Middle East security expert

Mehran Kamrava – Professor of Political Science at Georgetown University, Qatar


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