Hezbollah bombs several areas in northern Israel, one Israeli seriously injured

Lebanon’s Hezbollah said in a statement on Sunday that Israeli forces had targeted and destroyed a spy device at the Raheb base on the Lebanese-Palestinian border in the last hour while monitoring rockets and artillery shells fired from Lebanon towards Israel.

At the same time, media recorded footage showing a heavy barrage of rockets fired from Lebanon raining down on settlements in the occupied territories and several locations in Lower Galilee, while Israeli emergency services reported that one Israeli was “seriously injured” in the town of Kfar Zeitim and that several fires had broken out near Tiberias in northern Israel.

Israeli Army Radio reported that sirens had sounded in northern Israel as far as the “Sde Ilan” area, 33 kilometers (21 miles) from the Lebanese border, while Hebrew-language website Walla reported that sirens had sounded in some parts of northern Israel for the first time since the war began.

In this regard, Israeli occupation forces claimed to have killed the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah air defense force yesterday (Saturday) in eastern Lebanon. “The Israeli army killed Meisam Mustafa al-Attar, who was considered a key expert in the Hezbollah air defense force,” the army said in a statement. It added that “Al-Attar was a key and experienced member of the Hezbollah air defense system, who played a role in planning and executing various attacks against the State of Israel.”

In contrast, the party said in a statement it mourned “Meisam Mustafa al-Attar, born in 1991 in the town of Shas in the Bekaa (east), who was martyred on the road to Jerusalem,” without providing further details.

Lebanon’s state news agency reported that an Israeli drone strike hit a vehicle and killed one person in the town of Shas in Lebanon’s eastern Bekaa Valley early Saturday.

Lebanese and Palestinian factions in Lebanon, especially Hezbollah, have been exchanging daily artillery fire with Israeli forces across the “Blue Line” since October 8, resulting in hundreds of casualties, mainly on the Lebanese side. The factions have made an end to Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip, which has been underway since October 7 with the support of the United States, a condition for ceasing the shelling. The war has left around 125,000 Palestinians dead and injured, most of them children and women, with more than 10,000 still missing.


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