Shiba Inu Potential Price Surge if Monthly Volume Hits $1 Trillion

According to an assessment by OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, if monthly trading volume for Shiba Inu were to grow to $1 trillion, the price of Shiba Inu could soar to the $0.001 region.

The Shiba Inu token is currently trading at $0.00001461 as Bitcoin (BTC) hovers around $57,000 due to a market-wide downturn. Despite the drop, investors continue to accumulate Shiba Inu tokens, with strong belief in an eventual price recovery.

Interestingly, analysts have set different goals for the token, influenced by multiple factors affecting the cryptocurrency market. For example, analyst Crypto Sheriff Projected The price of the Shiba Inu is expected to surge to $0.000045. A rise to $0.000059 is expected When the downtrend ends.

Shiba Inu prices trade at $1 trillion per month

Amid this trend, we asked ChatGPT to assess the potential price of Shiba Inu if its monthly trading volume surges to $1 trillion. The Shiba Inu Over the past month, the total is $12.6 billion, about $999.874 billion short of $1 trillion.

In response, the AI ​​chatbot highlighted the relationship between trading volume and price, noting that while increased trading volume generally indicates growing interest and likely price growth, a valuation that is directly linked to price is not particularly simple.

At the time of analysis, Shiba Inu’s current price was $0.00001461 with a monthly trading volume of $12.6 billion. ChatGPT obtained the volume growth factor required to reach $1 trillion in monthly trading volume for the first time. This factor was determined by dividing the target volume by the current volume, which came out to 79.365.

The AI ​​chatbot assumed that there is a direct proportional relationship between trading volume and price growth. ChatGPT suggested that price could be the result of the current price multiplied by the trading volume growth factor. This gives the price target $0.001159, which would represent a 7,832% increase from current figures.

ChatGPT Shiba Inu price prediction
ChatGPT Shiba Inu price prediction

Interestingly, some prominent voices believe Shiba Inu could reach the $0.001 level. In April, market watcher Armando Pantoja wrote: SHIB is expected to rise to $0.001 Following the Bitcoin halving, technology platform CrowdWisdom Claimed That Burns could drive Shiba Inu’s stock price to $0.001.

Factors influencing volume and price

However, ChatGPT stresses that this scenario is merely hypothetical: the actual price is likely to depend on a variety of factors, including overall trends in the cryptocurrency market, news events, and broader economic conditions.

The chatbot then highlighted several factors that could cause a surge in Shiba Inu trading volume, drawing attention to positive news about the ecosystem. In particular, key developments and bullish market sentiment could boost trading volumes and prices.

According to ChatGPT, supply and demand may also play a role. Changes in supply, such as Token Burn Increased demand could impact prices. Additionally, regulatory developments regarding SHIBs and the market as a whole could also impact investor confidence. Passed It may also affect volume and price.

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