Shiba Inu (SHIB) Surges to $0.00016, but Not for Long


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Recent price movements in Shiba Inu suggest that the asset has become significantly oversold, making SHIB a desirable option for traders looking to buy a bounce as a result of this overselling.

If an asset is oversold, a technical bounce may occur as it indicates a sudden and significant drop in price. Such bounces are usually short-lived and are caused by technical issues rather than any fundamental developments.

SHIB/USDT Chart (TradingView)

Even if there is a short-term drop, a medium-term downtrend may still exist, especially if the overall market situation continues to deteriorate. The Shiba Inu rebound also coincides with a market-wide pullback. In the past few days, the intense selling pressure in the cryptocurrency market has resulted in significant losses for many assets.

As the market started to show signs of relief, SHIB followed a reversal trend. This small moment of relief for the market as a whole helped SHIB’s price to stabilize and recover. The recovery efforts of the market as a whole created a favorable atmosphere, which allowed SHIB’s price to rise above the lows.

The apparent lack of whale activity is another key factor in SHIB’s recovery. Whales can have a big impact on the market by selling large amounts of tokens. However, because there weren’t many whales, there wasn’t much pressure to sell SHIB.

With fewer whales, there are a lot of cheap tokens available to purchase, making it easier for smaller investors to invest without worrying about a major sell-off causing the price to fall further. With no downward pressure from whales, SHIB’s recovery environment is more stable.

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