Tether Develops AI for Enhanced Security and Privacy

Tether, the issuer of the USDT stablecoin, is developing a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) model as part of its foray into the space.

CEO Paolo Ardoino revealed this at X, saying that these models should have been able to prevent the OpenAI hack last year.

Tether is working on a decentralized AI model

Reports It has been suggested that hackers broke into OpenAI’s internal messaging system and stole information about the company’s AI product designs, although the attackers did not gain access to the systems that housed AI development.

Although the incident was disclosed to employees and the board of directors at a meeting in April 2023, the company did not publicize the news or report the hack to law enforcement. The company’s silence has led to intense scrutiny and criticism of its response to the incident. However, Ardoino believes the incident could have been prevented if the company had run locally executable AI models.

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Ardoino explained that these models better protect user privacy and ensure the resilience and independence of the system. He noted that new generations of smartphones and laptops are powerful enough to fine-tune common large-scale language models (LLMs) using user data, allowing the enhancements to be stored locally on the device.

“Locally executable AI models are the only way to protect people’s privacy and ensure their resilience and independence. The new generation of smartphones and laptops are powerful enough to fine-tune common LLMs using users’ own data, storing the enhancements locally on the device,” Ardoino said. Said.

Ardoino also added at the end of his comments, “WIP [Work in progress]” Conclusion.

This announcement coincides with Tether’s new AI division, which aims to capitalize on the AI ​​trend. The company aims to lead the development of open-source, multi-modal AI models that set new industry standards. The company has already made significant investments in AI companies such as Northern Data Group.

“Tether Data plans to pioneer the development of open source multimodal AI models, establishing new industry standards and driving innovation and accessibility in AI technology,” Tether said. stated.

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Tether’s AI division leads collaborations to build AI models and integrate AI solutions into market-driven products, and also aims to advance the field of open AI.


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