14 people missing in Algerian desert, 12 Syrians killed

Fourteen people, including 12 Syrians, were killed after getting lost in the Algerian desert near the Libyan border.

The Ghaut Search and Rescue association said on Monday it had found the bodies of 12 Syrians, including two children, in the Barkhbourg region of the Algerian desert and later transferred them to the morgue at Borj Omar Idriss Hospital in Illij governorate.

The association said searchers found the Toyota, which had been missing since Tuesday, next to the bodies of the driver and three passengers, all Algerian, and one Syrian, before retracing the footprints and finding 11 more bodies, all Syrian.

She confirmed that the cause of death was thirst due to being lost in the harsh desert conditions, and called on the families of the victims to contact them to collect the bodies from Burj Omar Idris Hospital.

According to the association, five of the victims’ bodies belong to Syrians from Aleppo, three to Raqqa province, the same number to Hasakah and one to a Syrian from Damascus.

Video released by rescue teams searching for victims showed bodies lying in the Algerian desert.


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