Binance, Toncoin shed gains: A rough start to the week for top cryptos
  • BNB and TON fell by over 3% in the last trading session.
  • The asset increased in the current trading session.

Many major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, ended the weekend in the positive. [BTC] And top 10 assets like Binance Coin [BNB] Ton Coin [TON]Both were profitable.

However, this upward trend did not last long and a decline occurred with the start of a new week, reversing previous gains and plunging these assets into the red.

Binance and Toncoin start the week in the red

According to the data Crypto RankAll of the top 10 crypto assets ended lower on July 7, with BNB and TON recording the steepest declines among their peers.

BNB fell 3.79%, followed by TON with a 3.69% drop.

Trends on Binance

Recent daily price movements for BNB have shown significant volatility.

Starting on July 3, BNB experienced a series of declines, initially dropping 4% to around $556.

The decline intensified the following day, dropping by over 7%, and on July 5th, the price of BNB fell a further 3%.

By the end of these consecutive declines, the price of BNB had fallen to around $498.

There have since been signs of recovery, with BNB’s price increasing by over 5% and briefly returning to the $500 price range.

However, this rise did not last long, and by the start of the new week on July 7, BNB had fallen by 6.73%, dropping in price to around $490.

Binance Price Trends

Source: TradingView

At the time of writing, BNB was trading at around $500, up a modest 2%.

By the end of the trading session, we will know whether this represents a true recovery or another false hope of a pullback.

Trends in Toncoin

As noted in AMBCrypto’s analysis, TonCoin’s daily price movement also exhibited notable volatility, mirroring the movements observed in Binance Coin.

The price of TON began to fall on July 3, dropping 2.73% to around $7.8. The biggest drop occurred on July 4, when it plummeted by over 9.7%, dropping the price to $7.1.

Despite these declines, Toncoin made a brief recovery by July 6, closing at around $7.5 over the weekend, up nearly 5%.

Ton of coins [TON] Price Forecast 2024-25

However, at the start of the new week, these gains were reversed, with prices falling by around 7% to around $7.

Toncoin price trend

Source: TradingView

As of the latest update, Toncoin was trading at around $7.1, seeing a modest increase of just over 1%.


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