BlockDAG Leads with $2M Giveaway As Polygon & NEAR News Fade

Polygon’s Polymarket has hit a milestone in trading volume, demonstrating its influence in the dApp space, while NEAR Protocol has recently risen and found a key support level. While these developments are worth keeping an eye on, the cryptocurrency market is abuzz with excitement and speculation following BlockDAG’s amazing $2 million giveaway.

As the enthusiasm grows, Block DAG It raised $56.6 million in the presale and saw its price soar by 1,300%, establishing itself as the cryptocurrency for the next bull run. Seeing this growing interest, experts predict that BlockDAG’s price will definitely reach $10 by 2025. The enthusiasm surrounding BlockDAG’s innovative free distribution has investors expecting huge profits from it in the future.

Despite turning point in the poly market, MATIC remains subdued

Polygon’s Polymarket trading volume has exceeded $100 million, reflecting its growing profile. Analysts predict that this surge in activity could bode well for Polygon’s expanding ecosystem. However, MATIC’s bullish momentum has weakened recently. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates cautious market sentiment and potential oversold conditions.

Additionally, MATIC’s trading volumes have fallen by approximately 30% over the past month, indicating reduced market activity. This contrasts with the significant milestones achieved by Polymarket and highlights the broader challenges facing MATIC amid evolving market trends.

NEAR Drops 30% Before Sharply Rises to Key Support

NEAR Protocol price encountered support at the trendline twice, forming a Morning Star candlestick pattern, which is a bullish sign. After reaching trendline support, the price briefly rose 8%. It is worth noting that the price has fallen 30% in the past month. Currently trading at $5.34, NEAR’s market activity saw a 75% surge in volume in the past day. However, if the price breaks below the trendline, it may fall further towards the $2 level.

NEAR Drops 30% Before Sharply Rises to Key Support

BlockDAG’s $2 million giveaway shakes up markets

BlockDAG is $2 million giveaway All around the world. The giveaway ends in 38 days, but the event has already attracted over 87,000 enthusiastic participants. To enter for an amazing chance to win $2 million and become an overnight millionaire, participants simply need to follow BlockDAG on social media, submit their wallet address, complete quests, and invite their friends to increase their chances of winning.

BlockDAG’s first giveaway of $2 million during its presale has created quite a stir. With such a large amount of money on the line, it’s no surprise that it has attracted a large number of enthusiastic investors and created even more buzz around BlockDAG. The event engaged the community, fostered a sense of collaboration, and made users feel more connected to the project. The surge in participation and excitement has done a great job for BlockDAG’s reputation, demonstrating its growth potential and solidifying its presence in the competitive cryptocurrency industry.

BlockDAG's $2 million giveaway shakes up markets

The overwhelming response from participants has propelled BlockDAG’s presale phase to incredible heights. With a total of $56.6 million raised and 12 billion coins sold, the price of the coin has skyrocketed 1,300% since the first batch, currently at $0.014. The surge in community engagement and capitalization confirms BlockDAG’s strong growth and strong interest from market watchers. As more participants join the network through this giveaway campaign, hopes are growing that BlockDAG’s price will reach $10 by 2025, making it an attractive prospect for investors looking to make a 30,000x return.

Get a chance to become a millionaire

With Polygon’s Polymarket achieving significant trading volume and NEAR Protocol reaching key support levels, BlockDAG is setting new benchmarks in the cryptocurrency world. With a landmark $2 million giveaway and already raising $56.6 million in a presale, BlockDAG stands out as a first choice for investors. With growing expectations of a possible $10 price by 2025, now is the perfect time to grab the opportunity BlockDAG offers. With 2024 poised to be a BlockDAG boom year, now is the perfect time to invest in the next bull run cryptocurrency.

Get a chance to become a millionaire

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