Cardano Founder Reveals Chang Hard Fork Is ‘Basically There’

Ask Me Anything (AMA) session During a live broadcast from Wyoming, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson provided a much-anticipated update on Cardano’s progress and the upcoming Chan hard fork. Speaking from his ranch, he spoke about the ongoing efforts and milestones achieved during what has been a significant journey for the blockchain platform.

Cardano Chan Hard Fork Almost Ready

Hoskinson began by reflecting on the challenges and accomplishments of the past few years. “These past few years have been very long,” he acknowledged, noting that despite “getting bogged down on some things,” the ecosystem has been able to overcome these obstacles, particularly those of governance. The completion of all elements of CIP 1694 was highlighted as a significant achievement; it took roughly two years to complete, but was essential to moving Cardano’s infrastructure forward.

The crux of Hoskinson’s update was the announcement that Node 9.0, essential for the Chan hard fork, is nearly complete. “What’s exciting about Node 9.0 is that the Chan hard fork is basically there,” he said. This update to Node 9.0 follows version 8.2.2, which has been refined to ensure compatibility and stability. Hoskinson said the new Node has been tagged for release and is expected to be deployed by next week. He was cautious and added, “If we don’t find anything, we’ll probably get the upgrade signaled on Monday or Tuesday. Good luck.”

The Chan hard fork is a pivotal moment for Cardano. It initiates the transition to the Voltaire era, a development phase focused on governance. Hoskinson expressed enthusiasm that it has been “two years in the making” to reach this stage. Once network node density reaches around 70%, the hard fork will be triggered, marking the beginning of new governance features and broader community involvement in the decision-making process.

Discussing the future after the Chan hard fork, Hoskinson detailed the complexities involved moving forward, particularly around network scalability and optimization in the Basho era. He emphasized that this stage also requires significant community input to balance the various trade-offs between on-chain and off-chain data processing and other technical decisions such as on-chain sharding and changes to transaction processing.

“Basho is very multidimensional and requires a lot of discussion about what direction and tradeoffs people want to take. Do they want more off-chain vs on-chain traffic, do they want some type of on-chain sharding, do they want a Leios-like protocol, and do they want those tradeoffs? […] “Want to adjust how transactions are processed, tiered pricing, fees, etc.? These are the types of things that no one person can unilaterally make decisions on behalf of the thousands of people building Cardano for the DAP and the ecosystem,” Hoskinson explained.

He also touched on key milestones on the upcoming roadmap, including Plutus V3, Hydra, Leios, and Mithil, and introduced them as potential candidates for the upcoming governance vote, which will essentially approve Basho’s final state and how resources will be allocated, highlighting the move to a fully community-driven development model.

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Reflecting on the journey so far, Hoskinson said, “It’s been almost a decade, and looking back, I would say we’ve moved from a static, federated system to a dynamic, decentralized system with best-in-class staking, and a really compelling and powerful smart contract platform, best-in-class governance and security. […] “It’s the best strategy and plan overall,” he said, praising the community’s growth and increasing control over the roadmap, which he sees as evidence that Cardano is maturing into a major blockchain platform.

Despite poor internet connectivity in his office and technical issues with audio and video, Hoskinson pledged to continue the conversation from his office on Monday to ensure any outstanding questions or discussions were addressed promptly.

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