Israeli attacks not helping Gaza negotiations, Netanyahu creates obstacles: Hamas | Israel-Palestine Conflict News

Hamas says escalating Israeli attacks across the Gaza Strip are not helping negotiations to end the war and has accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of creating obstacles to the talks.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh warned in a statement on Monday that “the disastrous consequences of what is happening in Gaza” could “send the negotiation process back to square one.”

Hamas quoted Haniye as saying that Netanyahu and his forces “bear full responsibility for the collapse of this road.”

The statement said Haniyeh had “urgently contacted” intermediaries Qatar and Egypt about the escalating Israeli military action, which has ordered further evacuations in areas near Gaza City, displacing thousands of Palestinians, many of whom have been forced to move multiple times.

The Israeli army on Sunday ordered the “immediate” evacuation of the Tufa, Daraj and Old City neighborhoods in northern Gaza City.

In a separate statement, Hamas accused Netanyahu of escalating “aggression and crimes against our people” in attempts to “forcefully expel our people in order to thwart all efforts to reach an agreement.”

NDMT’s Hind Khoudary, reporting from Deir el-Bala in central Gaza, said Palestinians had been ordered to evacuate to central Gaza despite the area being “overwhelmed” with Palestinians who had already fled from across the Strip.

Most of the Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million Palestinians have been forced to flee, with hundreds of thousands crammed into sweltering tent camps.

Displaced Palestinians run through the rubble of a destroyed building in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip. [Bashar Taleb/AFP]

Khudary said he spoke to Palestinians who decided not to evacuate because “there is no safe place.” They said they “don’t want to lose their dignity by taking shelter in makeshift camps with no food.” [and] water”.

Israeli forces have also attacked tent camps housing displaced Palestinians. On June 8, Israeli forces stormed the Nuseirat refugee camp, killing at least 274 Palestinians in order to free four Israeli prisoners being held there.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Monday that Israel has killed at least 38,193 Palestinians and wounded 87,903 since October 7. The ministry said a total of 40 Palestinians had been killed in the past 24 hours.

Israel expands military operations

Tanks are approaching central Gaza City as Israeli forces order residents to evacuate after a heavy nighttime bombardment of an area they said was nearly cleared months ago.

Residents said the airstrikes and shelling were some of the most intense in nine months that many human rights experts and the government have called genocide.

The Israeli military said it had intelligence indicating that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fighters were in the Gaza City area and called on residents to head south to the city of Deir el-Bala.

In the Shujaiya neighborhood of Gaza City, where fighting has been ongoing for weeks, the Israeli army said its forces had raided and destroyed schools and clinics.

Qudary said the Israeli military had expanded its ground operations around Shujaiya.

“Some tried to escape. Some fled because of the intense shelling and airstrikes. Some were trapped and could not escape,” she said.

On Monday, an NDMT Arabic correspondent reported that further evacuations had been ordered for the Rimal neighborhood in central Gaza City.

The new Israeli attacks come as Egypt, Qatar and the United States step up efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Hamas has dropped its demand that Israel first commit to a permanent ceasefire before the Palestinian movement signs off on the agreement.

But Netanyahu’s office reiterated in a statement on Sunday that “any agreement would allow Israel to return.” [to Gaza] And we will fight until all our war objectives are accomplished.”

The talks have repeatedly stalled due to differences between the parties, with mediators Egypt and Qatar due to host new talks this week, the people said.


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