Kemas launches rural digitalisation drive

Kuching: The government is committed to fostering digitally savvy communities in rural areas.

Community Development Department (Kemas) director-general Datuk Ahmad Kamal Idris Mohamed Nawawi said from 2022 onwards, the department had six main initiatives to prepare educators for the needs of the digital world.

The 21st Century Learning Pedagogy course is, therefore, a government initiative to take this agenda forward in villages and develop information technology savvy manpower, he said.

He made the remarks at the inauguration of the course for 37 nursery and kindergarten teachers from Kemas district, Sarawak.

An allocation of RM20 million has been approved to implement initiatives under the Early Childhood Education Digital Transformation Plan this year.

“Our first step, therefore, is to improve the digital competency of our personnel by collaborating with academic experts and industry to conduct various courses, workshops and digital competency programmes for educators,” he said.

They can then help disseminate their knowledge to other educators when they return to their respective work locations.

“Meanwhile, to support these efforts, Kemas is currently in the process of providing Communication and Information Technology (ICT) equipment such as laptops and internet access to childcare classes in a phased manner.

“This is to realise Kemas’ wish to make nurseries and kindergartens digital-friendly,” he said.


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