Malaysian film director Tan Chui Mui debuts art installation “Emotional Machine” in three cities

There are many ways to express love, one of which is through words. Ballads play on the radio every day and romance novels are quickly available to many. This is how people experience this seductive emotion. But do we really understand its complexities? Kuantan-born film director Tan Chui Mui questions the madness of love and expresses it in a program of poetry. Starting on different days this week, it will be screened simultaneously in Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Xiamen.

You don’t know what love isIn Tan’s second art exhibition, Emotion Machinea receipt-printing machine named after an old colleague. Reminiscing about her and K’s past mentoring in film-poetry workshops, she brings up his old college teacher and the advice he used to give his students: “Poetry has to leave your body, and it will find a way out.” The machine is programmed to spit out haiku after haiku, mimicking the surge of uncontrollable emotion felt when falling in love, which can be pure or obsessive.

Combining the outpouring of emotion with the unstoppable nature of poetry, Emotion Machine A man is born who, while suffering from the disease of love, steadily weaves words together, as if driven by the rage and despair that consume him.

Curator Lan Ji noted this personification, adding that the exhibition’s title may ring true, but moments of passion stir emotion, reflection and inspiration. By participating in the installation, observing, reading the haiku or simply watching the printing press churn out poems, viewers may experience the fluidity of love.

The exhibition sees Chui Mui’s personal reflections on emotions move away from her usual medium of film and into something tangible. If you’re in Malaysia, be sure to drop by the CIMB Hotel Art Fair at Room 2415, 24th Floor, Four Points by Sheraton, Kuala Lumpur from 29 to 30 June. The exhibition will open at Tree Art Gallery in Paris on 26 June and at Chanposic Gallery in Xiamen on 28 June.

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