Maps and graphs showing the results of France’s 2024 parliamentary elections

National parliamentary elections on Sunday saw an unexpected surge in support for left-wing parties, catapulting the nationalist, anti-immigration National Union party into third place.

The electoral map showed that the party remains divided, with left and centre support in Paris and its suburbs and the far right in the northern and southernmost Mediterranean regions.

The country’s political landscape appears more chaotic than before, with three major political camps each with vastly different visions and plans for the country.

  • The biggest surprise on Sunday was New People’s Frontis a coalition of left-wing parties that currently holds the largest share of the coalition of around 190 members and has emerged as the leading political group in the lower house of parliament.

  • Moderate President Emmanuel Macron’s coalitionThe ruling Conservative Party, which called elections a month ago and plunged the country into chaos, came in second with 150 seats.

  • Another shock was National Union and its Allianceswas expected to win most, if not a majority, of seats in the 577-seat National Assembly, the more powerful lower house.

France’s left-wing parties and Mr. Macron’s centrist coalition withdrew more than 200 candidates from a three-way race in districts where the far right was likely to win seats, leading many voters who disliked the far right to vote for the remaining candidates — even if they were not their first choice.


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