Otoklix to provide aftersales support to VinFast customers in Indonesia

Otoklix to provide aftersales support to VinFast customers in Indonesia

Otoklix, an O2O digital solution for automotive aftermarket services, has partnered with Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer VinFast to serve as the latter’s authorised service provider for customers in Indonesia.

VinFast, which entered Indonesia earlier this year, plans to invest US$1.2 billion to build a local assembly plant in the Jakarta suburb of Depok with a capacity of 60,000 cars per year.

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Launched in 2019, Otoklix supports independent workshops servicing gas-powered vehicles. Its solutions serve both sides of the market by simplifying the process of booking vehicle maintenance services with a customer-facing application and equipping independent car workshops with visibility, business software solutions and procurement savings.

Otoklix operates its signature shops across major Indonesian cities, empowering “millions of workshops”. Currently, the partnership with VinFast is limited to these proprietary outlets.

In Q3 2023, the AC Ventures-backed company claims to have doubled its topline revenue year-over-year, alongside notable improvements in unit economics, with profitability in sight.

“Over the next ten years, as the EV market expands, we expect to see a rise in demand for car parts that are as good as original but more affordable. This includes mechanical parts and components of batteries, like individual cells, but not whole batteries. We plan to partner with companies that make these parts instead of making them ourselves. This will enable us to supply independent workshops with components, offering EV owners more affordable and competitive options beyond just original parts,” said Otoklix co-founder and CEO Martin Reyhan Suryohusodo.

According to him, specialised services, particularly those related to battery maintenance and software management, will become increasingly in demand as vehicle technology evolves in Indonesia.

“Battery swapping stations require significant capital investment in infrastructure. Currently, NIO in China is a notable example where heavy investments have been made in this technology. Tesla initially considered this approach but abandoned it due to the high costs involved. A critical issue for global investors interested in Indonesia’s EV market is regulatory clarity concerning the commercial sale of electricity. Currently, all commercial electricity sales must go through PLN, Indonesia’s state electricity company, which could pose a challenge for any third-party charging station provider,” Suryohusodo added.

Otoklix recently launched an academy dedicated to training mechanics in the intricacies of EV servicing. The initiative addresses the urgent need for a workforce skilled in the specific requirements of EVs, focusing on safety and technical proficiency.

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“In our academy, we teach that servicing EVs isn’t just about the mechanical aspects—like brakes or tyres, which are similar to those on gas-powered cars—but crucially about the software and electrical components, especially the battery. Unlike traditional vehicles, you don’t replace the entire battery on an EV. When a cell fails, you replace just that cell, not the whole battery. Ensuring a tight seal during this process is critical to prevent damage from moisture or dirt. This requires not just technical skills but also proper safety practices. Very importantly, mechanics must wear insulated gloves and use specific tools to avoid electrical hazards, a fundamental shift from conventional car repair.”

In 2021, Otoklix secured US$10 million in a financing round from Alpha JWC Ventures and AC Ventures. Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, Astra International’s former CEO Prijono Sugiarto, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, and Google executives in XA Network also participated.

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