Russian forces destroy American rocket launcher used by Kiev forces to bombard Sevastopol

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that its military forces destroyed a US-made HIMARS rocket launcher used by Ukrainian forces in a terrorist attack on the city of Sevastopol on June 23.

The Ministry of Defense released a video showing the destruction of a US-made HIMARS M142 missile launcher equipped with ATACMS missiles, used in the Kiev regime’s criminal attack on the city of Sevastopol on June 23.

“Russian drone operators detected the movement and control of three Himars launchers in a forested area near the village of Karabaya in Kherson region,” the defence ministry said in a statement.

The statement added: “Crews from the Russian Iskander tactical missile system launched a missile attack on a hidden US multiple rocket launcher deployment site, destroying three HIMARS launchers and an ATACMS missile system and killing nearly 10 foreign experts operating the US multiple rocket launchers.”

On June 23, Kiev’s forces launched an attack on civilian facilities in the city of Sevastopol using five US-made ATACMS tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads.

While repelling the missile attack, Russian air defense forces intercepted four of the missiles, while the warhead of a fifth American missile exploded in the air, killing five people, including two children, in Sevastopol, resulting in numerous civilian casualties.

More than 150 people sustained injuries of varying severity, of which 79, including 27 children, were taken to hospital, the data showed.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the attack was the responsibility of the US and Ukrainian authorities, as the flight missions of the US ATACMS tactical missiles are controlled by US specialists based on satellite reconnaissance data. The ministry stressed that such incidents cannot be ignored.

Following the terrorist attack, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the US ambassador to Moscow, Lynn Tracy, to brief her on the findings.


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