Sabahans denied KKIA toilet project

Sabahans denied KKIA toilet project

Kenny Chua

KOTA KINABALU (July 8): Parti Solidariti Tanahairku (Sabah Star) expresses utter disappointment after learning that companies from Malaya have been contracted to do works on five sets of passengers’ toilets in Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA).

Party deputy president Datuk Kenny Chua slammed Malaysia Airports Sdn Bhd, the project owner, for not giving the opportunity to any local Sabah company to do the job.

“I believe many Sabah contractors and architects are capable in doing the job. After all, this is not a complicated job for it involves renovating and refurbishing of passengers’ toilets in KKIA.

“I think Malaysia Airports need to explain to the public why it gave this job to a Malaya contractor and architect. KKIA is in Sabah so it only makes sense that a local Sabah contractor should have been given priority,” he said in a statement on Monday.

Chua was referring to a public notice about the project that involves the designing, constructing and completing of a proposed renovation and refurbishment of five sets of passengers’ toilets and other associated works at KKIA.

It was stated in the notice that the project was for phase one.

“I mean, come on, this is just a toilet project. But even this is denied to Sabahans. Are we so not qualified?” he asked, adding that many locals felt insulted when learning about the matter.

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