Susiana Sampan Wins “Daven Kayan Unak” Fashion Show

Belaga: Susiana Sampan was ecstatic after being crowned the winner of “Daven Kayan Unak” in the adult category of “Pesta do Redo 2024” at the Belaga district level.

“Dabeng Kayan Unak” is a fashion show consisting of three categories: adults, veterans and children, showcasing elements of traditional costumes of the past and showcasing the originality and authenticity of Kayan costumes.

Susiana told New Sarawak Tribune that this was her first time winning a fashion show competition.

The 30-year-old mixed Kayan/Iban woman expressed deep gratitude and pride in wearing traditional clothing, which beautifully showcases her rich Kayan heritage.

“This Kayan costume has unique elements, such as the songket cloth that women used to wear,” she said.

Suziana, a housewife and mother of two, spent about a month preparing for the contest, and said that most of the clothes and costume she wore were handmade, with some being hand-me-downs from older generations.

She said the combination of handmade and heirloom pieces gives the outfits a unique and original touch and reflects her own connection to craftsmanship and tradition.

Suzianna poses for a photo shoot

“I didn’t expect I would win the competition because everyone else did so well.

“I have been living in Belaga for over 10 years and my husband is also from the Uma Kahei longhouse,” Susiana added.

She also won the “Ngajat Duet” competition with dance partner Huvat Senun, linked to the “Pesta do Ledo” held at Uma Kahei Longhouse, Belaga on July 5 and 6.

In other categories, Evan Usato won the men’s veteran category in the “Daven Kayan Unak” competition, Ping Abit won the women’s category, Kalbet Usato won the men’s category and Hayati Ping won the women’s category.

The winner received a gift basket and a trophy.

Additionally, Hubong Usat Balan won the Best Dressed Female Award, while Kanian William won the Best Dressed Male Award.


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