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Edwinie Einstein Unge

Kuching: The knowledge-sharing session on Sunday brought together 21 participants from Suara, Sarawak and Sarawak Tribune, and was led by Tanjong Selatan Resources Bhd chief executive officer (CEO) Rudy Affendi Kalik and TV show producer Byron Nguku.

Participants were introduced to the basics of television publishing, including capsule production, television magazines, documentaries, script writing and camerawork.

Rudy shared his insights on the skills and techniques essential to television publishing, including content creation, fact-checking and the extensive research required for a product that is acceptable to both media companies and viewers.

A range of documentary videos were screened highlighting how effective storytelling can captivate audiences.
Rudy also spoke about the use of cliffhangers, audiovisual elements and story developments to keep the audience interested.

Meanwhile, Byron shared his detailed views on the production of television capsule shows, introducing some of his past works that have aired on television.

He advised the participants to prepare concise yet persuasive manuscripts to effectively convey information within the limited time frame.

Also present at the session was Sarawak Tribune and Suara Sarawak CEO Dr Jenili Amir.


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