What’s the significance? Hezbollah targets Israeli technical reconnaissance center on Golan Heights

Hezbollah announced yesterday, Sunday, that it had targeted a long-range technical electronic reconnaissance center on the eastern side of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights for the first time since 1983. What is this center and how important is it?

What is its importance?

Hezbollah attacked the East Ski Observatory in the Syrian-occupied Golan Heights with a series of attack drone strikes, damaging the observatory’s dome, intelligence and intelligence equipment, and technical systems, destroying targeted equipment, and starting a fire.

Hezbollah sources said this was the first time the center had been targeted since the October 1973 war and the largest operation by the party’s air force since October 8, indicating that the Mount Hermon technical reconnaissance center is of equal importance to Israel’s Meron base.

Information about the centre:-

– It is the highest target hit since the start of the Battle of Tufan al-Aqsa on the Lebanese front, with an altitude of 2,230 meters.

– Located on the highest peak of Mount Hermon in the occupied Golan Heights.

– Covering and monitoring the area from Syria to Iraq, Jordan, Tabuk and the eastward border to Iran.

– Includes cutting edge electronic, espionage, intelligence and technological systems.

Mount Hermon Observatory is strategically important for several reasons:

These include collecting early warning information, conducting real-time intelligence operations, conducting electronic warfare against ground and air attacks, determining artillery positions on the Damascus Plain, carrying out a strategic encirclement movement into Syria using Mount Hermon and its western slopes, launching operations in Syria and Lebanon, and taking control of Israel’s main water sources.


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