$70B in Tether (USDT) Traded As Bitcoin (BTC) Crashes; Many Investors Are Turning To Rollblock For Gains During Uncertain Times

Recent on-chain indicators reveal that over $70 billion USDT was traded after Bitcoin crashed to $53,000 and subsequently cast a bearish shadow over the entire cryptocurrency market. Investors are seeking the stability of this stablecoin, but are also turning to resilient altcoins with explosive growth potential.

RollBlock caught their attention and emerged as the fastest growing cryptocurrency with its impressive performance. Pre-sale Performance and a solid value proposition. Keep reading to find out more about the market positioning of these cryptocurrencies.

Tether brings stability amid Bitcoin crash

On March 4, Tether hit the historic $100 billion milestone in market cap, solidifying its position as the largest stablecoin and highlighting its importance in the cryptocurrency industry. Over the past month, $1 billion worth of USDT has been issued, signaling a surge in demand.

This demand was further exacerbated on July 5th when the price of Bitcoin plummeted to $53,000, driving USDT trading volume to over $10 billion. Notably, data from IntoTheBlock revealed that USDT large-scale trading volume has reached $70 trillion in the past two weeks and is on the rise.

This surge in demand has a lot to do with Bitcoin’s recent market performance, which has been quite volatile and bearish, leading investors to turn to USDT for stability while also investing in altcoins such as RollBlock to mitigate losses.

Bitcoin hits rock bottom, sparking billions of dollars in liquidations

Bitcoin’s woes began on June 4, when top market experts noted a shift in market-wide sentiment. Specifically, Bitcoin’s price plummeted to a seven-week low and the Fear and Greed Index rose 21 points into the “fear” zone, its lowest score in 18 months.

This change in sentiment led to Bitcoin’s worst start to July, with the coin only recording down days, dropping 7.11% on July 5 to close in on its February lows. Notably, on July 4, a large investor sold 3,500 BTC on the Binance exchange, sparking a liquidation of over $310 million.

Since then, these liquidations have doubled, with top crypto experts predicting that Bitcoin could hit $50,000 in the coming days. The bearish pressure is largely related to FUD (fear and hype) over the news that crypto exchange Mt. Gox will liquidate around $9 billion worth of BTC to pay creditors.

Roll block presales pave the way for recovery of losses

While USDT may provide stability from Bitcoin’s wild price fluctuations, smart crypto investors are known to seek out projects with significant growth potential. As the crypto market turmoil continues, Rollblock has emerged as both a path to recovery and a new opportunity for explosive gains.

Despite being a new cryptocurrency, Rollblock has gained a significant advantage in the market due to its innovative solutions to various problems that have long plagued the traditional and digital gambling industries, one of which is the clever use of blockchain technology to increase transparency and trust within the gaming industry.

As a result, RoleBlock has been strategically positioned to attract a diverse set of investors, including elites and politicians. Additionally, with no KYC requirements and a focus on security, these investors can maintain their anonymity and privacy.

Currently, pre-sales are Stage 3The RBLK token is trading at a price of $0.015. Holders of this new cryptocurrency will automatically have access to Rollblock’s online casino, 800% ROI when released to the public.

In summary, investors seeking stability from Bitcoin’s volatility in USDT are increasingly turning to Rollblock for its presale as they recognize its potential returns. Rollblock is not just the fastest growing cryptocurrency, it is a bridge between traditional and modern gambling, prioritizing regulatory compliance to provide investors with unparalleled returns.

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